Notes on a Banana: Chandelier

Notes on a Banana: Chandelier

[Editor’s Note: If, dear reader, you come to Leite’s Culinaria exclusively for our spectacularly foolproof recipes, we have a surprise for you. And it’s called Notes on a Banana: A Memoir of Food, Love, and Manic Depression. See, at Leite’s Culinaria, we’re not just about recipes. We’re about all the countless and crazy ways food intersects our lives. As such, you’ll find a lot of thoughts and reflections and musings and even a rant or two on food on our pages. But Notes On A Banana is special. It’s the memoir penned by our publisher, David Leite, and it’s about to be published this spring. So kindly allow us to introduce ourselves to you a little more intimately. We think you’ll recognize some shared quirks and characteristics. Anyways, here’s what David has to say about it…]

Over the next several weeks, as we wait for my memoir to go on sale, I thought I’d slip you a few quotes from the book to give you a sense of what’s between the covers. Some are funny, some sad, others poignant. I’ll also be posting videos, clips from the audiobook (which I recorded last week) and an excerpt or two over on my blog. So stay tuned!

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  1. I just finished reading your book, terrific. I saw House of Wax in Boston (was living in Woods Hole, MA) in 3-D when I was about 10 and it really ruined life for at least a year. I was so terrified, especially when I went to bed. I was afraid he was hiding under my bed but was too scared to look. Ever since, I’ve avoided all horror movies. Many years later, I asked my mother why in the world did she take me (little kid) to see it. She told me I nagged them to death until they took me to it. I don’t remember doing that but it sounds like something I was capable of doing.

  2. David, thank you ever so much for this blog! I was entering giveaways and decided to explore the site in its entirety. My mother was diagnosed with bipolar depression three years ago and it has been a blessing for us. She was misdiagnosed for years with just “depression” but as those of us who live with a loved one suffering from the life altering effects of it know, it is anything but “just depression.” I am so happy to have discovered your beautiful, witty, and inspirational website and know that I will be a regular visitor. Kudos to you and your courage!–A big hello to “The One.”

    1. Shawna, thank you for your kinds words. And I’m so happy that your mother was finally properly diagnosed. It took me 25 years to be diagnosed correctly. Come back soon!

  3. Oh wow! I have stumbled across that book several times and been intrigued, thought of buying it, but not being fully aware of what it was about, walked away from it. Most of all, I never made the connection between the author’s name and Leite’s Culinaria, which I just love to see pop up in my inbox. Regarding the book, I wasn’t aware it was also about the great fun that is the bipolar life, something I share with you, bipolar II, which is just so damn special in its own ways. Now I just can’t wait to get my hands on your book! It sounds like a fabulous mix of Life in all its goodness, grace, and glorious WTF now-ness. Blessings to you, David. Writing ANY book is an outstanding achievement. A memoir, doubly so. (applause)

    1. Stephanie, where have you been all my life! Yes, it deal with food–especially my food-crazed Portuguese family and my burgeoning cooking obsession, thanks to The One–coming to terms with being gay, and the oh-so-lovely joys of being bipolar II. I hope you enjoy it. If you want a personalized autographed copy, you can order it through my local bookstore. I’ll then sign it to you (or whomever you wish i sign it to), and they’ll send it out when the book publishes.

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