Forgot to Look Both Ways

We interrupt David’s stream of consciousness about air travel for this important message.

You know how in Britain they drive on the opposite side of the street than in the States? And how back home we always look to the left for oncoming traffic before crossing? Well, London has clearly had its fair share of befuddled Americans walking into traffic, seeing as it painted helpful suggestions on the pavement as to which way to look at almost every intersection. Earlier today, while crossing the Strand to get to the Courtald Gallery, David unfortunately missed this warning to “look right.” And with David, you can only imagine what happened. So his blog posts will still be published while we’re in London–but on a slightly delayed schedule.

P.S. David made me write this blog entry because he’s embarrassed that he’s already fallen behind on his writing. He’s absolutely, perfectly fine. He just wanted to drum up some sympathy for himself as a way of diverting you from the fact that he’s been a bad blogger. So just play along. Please? For my sake. You have no idea what it’s like being in the same room with him when he’s like this.

The One

About The One

The One, a real estate broker in Manhattan, has been with David for 27 years. (As David likes to say, that’s 64 in straight years.) Despite what many of you probably think, it’s actually The One who does most of the cooking during the week. He prefers Manhattan while David enjoys the country, so they have a Green Acre-type relationship. The One is Eva Gabor to David’s Eddie Albert—without the dresses and diamonds. Or is it?

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  1. Ouch!! My niece and nephew lived in Japan for a few years [USAF brats] and had to be heavily instructed that in the USA you couldn’t just raise your hand in the air and start across the streets!!!

    1. CateS, I love the idea of that. As a real estate broker who walks all over Manhattan, being able to raise my hand and part traffic like the Red Sea would be an excellent boon to work.

  2. When I lived in Oxford as a student (many years ago), I recall being on the bike (my preferred mode of transportation) and often buses madly honking at me as I turned, and my instinct was to go to the “wrong” side of the street. Amazingly enough I never ended up hurt but certainly had a few scares. And back then, there were no painted warnings on the pavement reminding foreigners which side of the street to ride on! I can see that The One has a great side of sarcasm, too. And I love his bio!

    1. Sofia, I couldn’t imagine being on a bike, because you have to drive with the traffic, which means your back is to everything. And, yes, The One can be very sarcastic and snarky. Part of why I love him.

    2. OOH! This reminds me. When we were driving somewhere on one of those very narrow country roads with the high hedgerows on either side, there was a huge truck (pantechnicon?) coming our way, going right down the middle. Momentary panic! Would we fit? EEEK! But, yes, we did. However, when we got to our hotel and saw the scratches all down the RIGHT side of the car, it was fairly obvious that in my freak out I automatically reverted to my U.S. ways, and swerved to the right. Thank goodness the truck managed to avoid us, so the only damage was that inflicted by the hedgerow. /:)

      1. Holy go to war! That’s scary. I think the answer is Britain just has to join the rest of the world in its driving habits. Think of the fewer saucer-eyed drivers with an iron grip on the steering wheel there would be.

  3. I’d have probably done the same thing, David. I’d have read the sign first, though, and after fluffing my hair and smoothing out my skirt so I looked right, I’d have stepped off the curb…looking left.

    1. And you know what’s worse? Sometimes it’s a one way…coming from the left. So there are time you have to do what comes naturally, and other times not. It’s been four days, and we’re starting to get the hand of it.