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[Editor’s Note: Guess who The Splendid Table asked to be a special correspondent? We couldn’t be more pleased or grateful. (And David couldn’t be more nervous wondering if you’ll like it. So go on, give it a listen and tell him what you think…)]

In this week’s episode. I had the pleasure of chatting with the always charming Shauna SeverShauna Sever, aka the Next Door Baker and author of the new book Real Sweet, who explained to me some natural alternatives to conventional refined white sugar—including muscovado sugar, turbinado sugar, honey, and maple syrup—and how to bake with them. (Note to self: You really have to expand your shopping list when it comes to the baking aisle at the supermarket.)

And as if that wasn’t enough, also in this episode of The Splendid Table listen as:

  • Journalist and author Barry Estabrook gives us an insider’s peek at the pork industry via his newest book, Pig Tales.
  • Jen Stevenson, co-author of the book The Picnic, offers professional help on creating the best picnic ever while keeping the work to a minimum.
  • Robyn Lea, author of Dinner with Jackson Pollock, explains how she unearthed painter Jackson Pollock’s recipes.
  • Jan and Michael Stern share their thoughts on Honey from the Rock Café in Augusta, Georgia.


  1. Love this. Thank you! I recently discovered palm or coconut sugar and use it in place of white sugar. I get to use less and it tastes delicious!

  2. I adore this article*!* What a charming lady is Miss Shauna Sever. Tis my regret that I’ve never heard of her before but that was quickly rectified. I plan to buy her book. I clicked on her link and found out a huge amount of information on natural and other countries sugars. They all sound fabulous and I can’t wait to try them. I do a lot of baking in my house, the super sweet tooth is mine, but my Todd enjoys most of what I make, and he’s a super tapioca pudding dude, bread pudding and his next try will be rice puddings. Did I mention he likes puddings? He is always happy to help me out in the kitchen and has turned into quite the chef himself. In fact, tis he who goes through most of our newest recipes; coming in magazines and mini cookbooks (for free online) stuff like that. He found us our go to Thanksgiving veg recipe: Roasted Cauliflower w/Cranberries, dressed with cooked Balsamic Vinegar + Honey*!* It’s a wow taste. This recipe can be accessed via Better Homes & Gardens, Nov, 2013 issue*!* ENJOY* AND THANKS*!*

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