About Ana Sofía Peláez

Ana Sofia Pelaez

Ana Sofía Peláez grew up in a famous Cuban family as the great-niece of the revered avant-garde painter Amelia Peláez del Casal. Raised in Miami and transplanted to New York, she launched her food blog, Hungry Sofia, in 2008 in an effort to discover the rituals of Latin food. Since then, she has been featured in the New York Times and InStyle, among other outlets, and Hungry Sofia was nominated as one of the Best Regional Cuisine blogs by Saveur. The Cuban Table is her first cookbook. @hungrysofia

Three glasses of classic mojito, with two lime wedges and a jar of sugar beside them.

Classic Mojito

Rumor has it “mojito” translates roughly as “little spell.” We’ll willingly fall under the spell of rum, mint, and sugar any day.

A classic flan de leche on a white plate, covered with caramel and a spoonful of custard missing from the flan.

Flan de Leche

A creamy, milky, not egregiously sweet, altogether lovely argument for sticking with a classic—in this case, a Spanish classic.