About Paula Wolfert

Paula Wolfert

Paula Wolfert is an expert on Mediterranean food and the author of nine cookbooks, including her most recent title, The Food of Morocco. She’s won the James Beard Award, the Julia Child Award, the M.F.K. Fisher Award, and the Tastemaker Award, and was a finalist for the UK’s André Simon Award. Wolfert lives in Sonoma, CA. @Soumak

Therapeutic Drink to Ward Off Colds

Therapeutic Drink to Ward Off Colds

Forget Robitussin. This fragrant infusion not only makes a run to the pharmacy unnecessary, but it goes down with far, far more ease than that syrupy medicinal stuff.

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A white bowl filled with French beef stew piled atop pasta.

Daube ~ French Beef Stew

Just because you can’t be in the South of France during this blizzard doesn’t mean you can’t eat like you’re there. Bon Appétit!

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A preserved lemon sprinkled with salt on a wooden surface.

Preserved Lemons

Perhaps the most iconic and indispensable ingredient in Moroccan cooking. And perhaps the easiest thing to make ever.

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Catalan Custard

Catalan Custard | Crèma Catalana

This Spanish custard, called crema, is rich, creamy, and simple to make. The custard is made with milk and cream, so it’s lighter. Serve the crema warm.

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Beef Paupiettes

Beef Paupiettes

These beef paupiettes are stuffed with pancetta and herbs, and rolled. The beef rolls are then sauteed. Once seared, the rolls are simmered.

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Ribollita, or Italian bread soup, in a crock topped with overlapping baked onion slices

Ribollita in the Style of Siena

This Italian ribollita is dense with bread, greens, beans, and caramelized onions. Rich with flavor, the ribbolita is a family dish.

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A decorative tray with avocado-sardine toasts--crispy slices of bread topped with avocado, marinated sardines, and scallion and chives

Avocado-Sardine Toasts

Silky slices of ripe avocado and marinated fat strips of salty sardine fillets topped with crisp strings of scallions and chives sit atop of toast slices.

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