About Peter Reinhart

Peter Reinhart

Peter Reinhart is a baking instructor at Johnson & Wales University in Providence, RI, co-founder of Brother Juniper’s Bakery in Sonoma, CA, and the owner of Pie Town restaurant in Charlotte, NC. A leading authority on bread, he’s also the author of more than half a dozen books about bread baking, including the James Beard award-winning Crust and Crumb and The Bread Baker’s Apprentice. @peter.reinhart.9

Close up of three squares of bacon cornbread in a pan

Bacon Cornbread

There’s cornbread. And then there’s cornbread enhanced with bacon, corn, and good ol’ bacon drippings. Just as God intended, folks who’ve made it have been saying.

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Basket of homemade bagels topped with sesame seeds and poppy seeds

Homemade Bagels

Bagels–true, chewy, malty bagels–aren’t just a New York thing. They’re easy to make at home and better than bagels you can buy from the freezer section.

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A potato rosemary focaccia--bread topped with sliced potatoes and rosemary sprigs on a white plate

Potato Rosemary Focaccia

An intense herb oil of basil, parsley, oregano, rosemary, garlic an thyme is drizzled atop focaccia loaded with slices of potato, onions, and rosemary.

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