Forgot to Look Both Ways

Look Right

We interrupt David’s stream of consciousness about air travel for this important message.

You know how in Britain they drive on the opposite side of the street than in the States? And how back home we always look to the left for oncoming traffic before crossing? Well, London has clearly had its fair share of befuddled Americans walking into traffic, seeing as it painted helpful suggestions on the pavement as to which way to look at almost every intersection. Earlier today, while crossing the Strand to get to the Courtald Gallery, David unfortunately missed this warning to “look right.” And with David, you can only imagine what happened. So his blog posts will still be published while we’re in London–but on a slightly delayed schedule.

P.S. David made me write this blog entry because he’s embarrassed that he’s already fallen behind on his writing. He’s absolutely, perfectly fine. He just wanted to drum up some sympathy for himself as a way of diverting you from the fact that he’s been a bad blogger. So just play along. Please? For my sake. You have no idea what it’s like being in the same room with him when he’s like this.

The One



  1. Oh my gosh!

    I almost got side-swipped in Scotland in 2009 while there for my son’s wedding to a Scottish girl!

    In Canada we look the same way you do in the States but in Scotland I could feel the swish of air as this vehicle narrowly missed me…coming from the RIGHT, of all places!! 🙂 I would appreciate a cue, like “look right” but I wonder…should we be marking our streets with “look left” cues for our visitors? 🙂

    Hope David is all right and is JUST a bad blogger!


    1. Almost flattened in Edinburgh, I certainly can relate to your near-death experience. I almost met my maker yesterday, too, when I looked left and a motorcycle came zooming from the right. (I think he actually was trying to kill me…)

      The only thing bruised on David is his ego.

  2. Oh no! Are you OK?!

    I know you are, David. The One just said so. But oh, The One, stuck in the same room with David, post-incident-that-could-have-been-an-incident-but-was-in-the-end-a-non-incident. Do you need a Scotch?

    P.S. David, I hope your room has a fainting couch.

    Hugs to you both.

    1. I’m okay, Beth. It’s just I had a very strict schedule I was to adhere to: play all day, write a blog post at night. Well, that when out the window as we spent the whole day and a lot of the night sightseeing. So I’m hoping I can use part of the cruise to catch up everyone. (How do those young bloggers to it?)

  3. I was in Hong Kong a couple of months ago, on my way home to Australia after being in Europe, and noticed the same thing painted on many street corners there. It was actually quite handy as it’s easy to become confused after 4 weeks in Italy/France, 5 days in London, then another few days in Honkers – or maybe that’s just me!

    1. Amanda, with all that globe trotting, I can see how you could get confused. I’m surprised you made it out alive!

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