About Amanda Hesser

Amanda Hesser is the co-founder of Food52, an award-winning cooking website. Before founding Food52, Amanda was a food writer for The New York Times as well as food editor for The New York Times Magazine, editor for T Living, and author of the NYTimes Bestseller, The Essential New York Times Cookbook. Amanda lives in Brooklyn with her husband and two children. @amandahesser

Quick cacio e pepe in a large black serving bowl beside a bowl of shredded cheese and a bowl of black pepper.

Quick Cacio e Pepe

Dinner doesn’t get any easier or more elegant than pasta tossed with butter, olive oil, Parmesan and pecorino Romano cheeses, and dusted with lots of black pepper.

Four pieces of Judy Hesser's oven-fried chicken in a oval glass baking dish on top of a linen cloth.

Judy Hesser’s Oven-Fried Chicken

Mind-bogglingly crisp oven-fried chicken. And it’s sooo easy. Just shake, shake, shake chicken thighs in a bag of seasoned flour and bake unattended for a little while.

A purple plum torte with dripping juice on a baking pan, all on a cooling wrap.

Plum Torte

One taste and you’ll understand why this is the most popular recipe from The New York Times. A new American classic.

A jar of Portuguese tomato jelly with a small tomato next to it.

Portuguese Tomato Jelly

Summer tomatoes are turned into a sweet jelly that’s a Portuguese classic. Use it as you would any jelly as well as with cheese plates.

A plate of boeuf Bourguignon with roasted potatoes

Boeuf Bourguignon

A classic French recipe that really ought to be in your repertoire, boeuf bourguignon has countless incarnations, including this classic version by Craig Claiborne.

Slice of toast with scrambled eggs drizzled with truffle oil on a plate.

Truffled Egg Toast

Buttery, softly scrambled eggs arranged on toast and drizzled with fragrant white truffle oil. Sounds like supper to us.