Cindi Kruth, Recipe Tester

A list of all the recipes Cindi Kruth has tested.

Cindi Kruth

Cindi Kruth’s culinary background is vast and varied. She became a home economist, managed a fast-food restaurant, and sold mayonnaise and peanut butter for a corporate conglomerate. She opened her first shop, a fruit basket and produce store, when she lived in NJ. After moving to CT, she worked at the Connecticut Culinary Institute, did private catering and taught cooking lessons, and again opened a shop, this time a little gourmet take-out place. The demands of retail didn’t mesh well with raising a family, so she left the food business for a few years to become a lawyer. That’s about when she stumbled upon David’s story of Thor, his stove, in Bon Appétit and shortly after became a tester. Now, being in regular contact with others who are doing the same has expanded her interests and her recipe collection.  And she even got her 1.5 seconds of fame on national TV when David mentioned her work on his renowned Orange Olive Oil Cake on the Today Show.

A serving of chickpea and spinach salad with cumin, red onion, and yogurt dressing on a white plate.

Chickpea and Spinach Salad With Cumin

Chickpeas as you’ve never experienced them. Just stir together a citrus and yogurt dressing and toss with chickpeas and spinach. Quick, easy, hearty, and ideal for summer.

A dish of classic Hollandaise sauce on a white plate with a whisk resting on the dish.

Classic Hollandaise Sauce

Some things are so simple as to seem almost plain—until you taste them. Hollandaise is one such perfectly simple staple.

A small white bowl filled with chicken-pea shoot salad.

Chicken-Pea Shoot Salad

An ardent pea shoot aficionado divulges her favorite bling come spring–a simple, sprightly salad that flaunts the sweeter side of these cute, curly shoots.

Mahogany wings piled on a white rectangular platter, garnished with scallions and sesame seeds.

Mahogany Chicken Wings

Hold the mouth-searing heat, but keep the flavor with these marinated chicken wings. Plum, hoisin, and soy sauce provide sweet and spicy Asian flavors.

A cast-iron skillet filled with a cooked sweet potato cornbread with two pats of butter on top and a dish of butter pats beside it.

Sweet Potato Cornbread

We could blather on and on about this surprising (and stealthy healthy) riff on a Southern classic that everyone is swearing is the best cornbread they’ve ever had.

A tray of bacon, egg, and Cheddar scones

Bacon, Egg, and Cheddar Scones

“Where have you been all my life?” That’s a common refrain we’re hearing from those who’ve tasted these breakfast all-in-ones.

A rimmed baking sheet with fish in parchment and a fish spatula resting beside it.

Fish in Parchment

Drama. Intrigue. Aroma. Ease. These, too, can be part of your weeknight routine with this simple, surprising tactic to cooking fish.