Nadine Bonda, Recipe Tester

A list of all the recipes Nadine Bonda has tested.

Nadine Bonda has loved to cook ever since her first dinner party when she decided to make fritters, got the oil too hot, and flames spread to the curtains. Following that evening, she vowed that her future dinner parties would be memorable for the food, not the mishaps. That said, every time she has friends for dinner, she makes one dish she has never made before. She says that keeps her experimenting with new food ideas.

Nadine has a vast collection of cookbooks and she has read every one cover to cover. She shamelessly asks friends for the recipes of food they serve her that she would like to add to her collection, and she reciprocates by sharing her recipes.

Nadine has been a Leite’s Culinaria tester since 2017 and loves the opportunity to move outside of her comfort zone and try recipes she otherwise might not have.

Coconut lime cookies drizzled with icing and garnished with lime zest on wax paper.

Coconut Lime Cookies

Think sugar cookie meets margarita. Or something like that. And just as difficult to stop at a single taste.

A mason jar with tomato crisps spilling out

Tomato Crisps

Got some less-than-stellar winter grape tomatoes to use up? Or even a glut of summer ones? These easy tomato crisps are our new favorite snack.

Three plates, each with an easy cinnamon knot on it

Easy Cinnamon Knots

Soft buttery pastry, sweet cinnamon-y filling, and a burst of dried fruit. Now, THESE are the kind of knots we all need.

A dozen hazelnut thyme matchsticks in a glass

Hazelnut Thyme Matchsticks

Hazelnut thyme matchsticks are thin, crisp crackers made with ground hazelnuts, cheese, and butter. The matchsticks are perfect with soup or as a snack.

A pile of crescent-shaped cookies on a platter with greenery and Christmas ornaments on the side

Viennese Crescent Cookies

A holiday cookie if we ever saw one! So buttery, so nutty, so delicate, so mind-bendingly charming, these traditional Viennese cookies rival the city’s fancier pastries as our fave.