A handful of inexpensive ingredients. The perfect oven temperature and about 45 minutes of patience while the potatoes are in the oven. That’s pretty much all this astoundingly satiating roasted potatoes with dill demand of you. Well, that and the acknowledgment that sometimes less is truly more.

*What kind of potatoes are best for roasting?

That depends on who you ask and what you like.

The standard for decades was the old-fashioned, unfussy, inexpensive russet potato. With its drier consistency, it bakes up light and fluffy on the inside. Many folks in recent years prefer any of countless varieties now available, including the ever-versatile Yukon gold with its slightly richer, creamier taste and texture. That said, virtually any variety will work. If you look at our tester comments below the recipe, you’ll notice that they used an array of potatoes with nary a complaint.

Roasted potatoes with dill on a baking sheet.

Roasted Potatoes with Dill

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These roasted potatoes with dill and garlic require only a handful of ingredients and a little patience while they roast to crispy-edged, tender-throughout perfection.
David Leite
Servings4 to 6 servings
Calories373 kcal
Prep Time15 minutes
Cook Time50 minutes
Total Time1 hour 5 minutes


  • 1/4 cup olive oil
  • 2 tablespoons (1 oz) butter, at room temperature, or substitute 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • 5 garlic cloves, chopped
  • 1 tablespoon dried dill
  • About 2 1/4 pounds potatoes*
  • Salt, to taste
  • A few sprigs fresh dill (optional)


  • Preheat the oven to 400°F (204°C).
  • In a large bowl, use a fork or whisk to beat together the oil, butter (or additional oil), garlic, and dill until well combined.
  • Peel the potatoes, if desired, and cut them into 1-inch (25-mm) chunks.
  • Add the potatoes to the bowl and toss to coat thoroughly with the butter mixture. Season lightly with salt.
  • Arrange the potatoes in a single layer on a rimmed baking sheet, lined with foil or parchment, if desired. Roast, tossing once or twice with a spatula at 20 minutes and again later to ensure even crisping, until golden brown and cooked through, 45 to 60 minutes.
  • Dump the potatoes into a large bowl. Season again with salt to taste and garnish with the fresh dill, if using.
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Serving: 1 portionCalories: 373 kcalCarbohydrates: 46 gProtein: 6 gFat: 19 gSaturated Fat: 6 gPolyunsaturated Fat: 2 gMonounsaturated Fat: 11 gTrans Fat: 0.2 gCholesterol: 15 mgSodium: 19 mgPotassium: 1116 mgFiber: 6 gSugar: 2 gVitamin A: 224 IUVitamin C: 52 mgCalcium: 53 mgIron: 2 mg

Nutrition information is automatically calculated, so should only be used as an approximation.

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Recipe © 2020 Theo A. Michaels. Photo © Ryland Peters & Small, 2020 Mowie Kay. All rights reserved.

Recipe Testers’ Reviews

I love these potatoes! They’re like crunchy little pillows of taste. My family and guests raved about them and each had several helpings. The few that were left over, I put in the toaster oven on broil the next day and they were almost as good as the first day. I made these potatoes as part of a small dinner party, so did the prep early so I could give my attention to other things.

I used white potatoes, peeled them in the morning, tossed them in the butter mixture, covered them, and let them sit on the counter until I was ready to roast them.

I love dishes that not only taste great but where I can get the prep done and not have to worry about them until I’m ready to pop them in the oven. These potatoes will become a new favorite.

These are good. So good. Everyone went for seconds and would have gone for thirds if there was any left. The potatoes turned out perfectly browned and crisp on the outside with a nice, fluffy interior. The butter, olive oil, and garlic gave them loads of flavor and the dill provided a lovely earthy zip that made them even better. I made these two nights in a row. We will be making these again and again.

I used russet potatoes. This is a lot of butter and oil for the potatoes. I’m sure I could have tossed in a couple more. I melted the butter in the microwave before combining it with the oil. I only have a few days of the year where I might get room temperature butter that is spreadable. I turned them twice during cooking.

A perfect marriage of flavors—dill, roasted garlic and potatoes! I loved the simplicity of this dish and these roasted potatoes made a delicious side to the roasted chicken we served it with. I used very small 1- to 2-inch creamer potatoes and opted to leave them whole with skin on.

I streamlined the recipe by skipping a bowl altogether and worked directly onto a parchment-lined sheet pan. I love using parchment paper for easy clean up. While my oven was preheating, I placed the 2 tablespoons of butter on the sheet pan in the oven to warm. Once the butter was melted, I tossed the potatoes, olive oil, dried dill, and salt on the sheet pan with the butter and everything was beautifully incorporated. The potatoes took about 45 minutes to bake. Just as pictured, the dried dill and garlic did become brown, but the color didn’t compromise the fantastic flavor.

When making these again, I would use slightly less oil just to coat potatoes, as there was leftover oil on the sheet pan after potatoes were eaten. I did not have fresh dill on hand for garnish and it would have been a lovely finishing touch and garnish, but the flavor of the dried dill did come through. One tablespoon of dried dill for the recipe seemed like a lot, but it was perfect in the end. Surprisingly, I didn’t even miss my usual addition to potatoes of a grind of black pepper. I will definitely make this again.

I skipped the bowl step and found it uncecessary.

I am always looking for a different potato recipe and this one was very good. I don’t use dill very often and we really like the combination of dill and garlic. Cooked the potatoes just a little bit longer than stated just to make sure the potatoes would be nice and crisp. Made the potatoes along with the lemon chicken thighs and it was an easy meal to prep and cook with lots of flavors.

These are really good roasted potatoes. This recipe is certainly easy and the end product is quite good.

The garlic was just a bit more brown than I would prefer, but not burned. The timing is spot on—45 minutes yielded crisp outsides and fluffy insides. I found the main flavor profile to be of garlic, not dill. My dill was a brand new sealed bottle from Whole Foods. I used russet potatoes, extra virgin olive oil, and salted butter.

I will probably make these again using more dill than called for, and I might salt them a bit before baking, not just at the end.

Dill, garlic, butter, potatoes. What’s not to like with this combination? I used some red new potatoes for this recipe as I had just picked some up from the farmers market. Plus they’re pretty easy to peel. I usually keep the skins on as that’s where a vast majority of the nutrients reside but I did peel these.

I prepped the potatoes then let them soak in a big bowl of water for about an hour to remove some of the starch while the flavors of the butter, garlic and oil blended together. (I do not refrigerate my butter, keep it in a crock, so it’s always spreadable.) I dried the potatoes and then combined them with the butter mixture, giving them lots of tosses in the bowl.

I gave them a turn after about 25 minutes, as the taties were browning up nicely, and they were done in about 50 minutes. The dill makes for a nice change from the usual garlic roasted potatoes I tend to make. I usually parboil the potatoes and then give them a good shake in the colander to rough up all the edges, then toss with the dill and butter, and finish them up in the oven, which gives a greater roasted texture on the potato. I’ll do that next time using this dill butter blend. Enjoy.

What a great side dish for a quick meal! A grilled, sautéed, or baked entrée is the perfect match for this quick, flavorful side.

Gold potatoes in the B size are perfect for this dish. Cut them in quarters (no peeling) and add the remaining ingredients. Precision isn’t so important here, so adjust to your preferences. I wouldn’t recommend going low-fat on this one. Real butter adds a wonderful flavor as it cooks the garlic and dill and browns on the potatoes. This one definitely is a Taster’s Choice for the flavor, versatility, ease of preparation and cleanup, and easy-to-obtain ingredient list.

I covered a sheet pan with nonstick foil for this one. Easy cleanup.

Tips & Ideas

Could add crushed red pepper flakes for more zip

Could add cumin for a southwest twist

Mixed-color potatoes would be attractive

Potatoes roasted with butter and dill?! I can’t think of a better flavor combo for potatoes. The butter gives the baby potatoes flavor while the olive oil gives it the protection in the oven from the high heat. I have never used the combo of fresh and dried dill in a dish and it really added an intensity and depth-of-flavor.

I served these potatoes as a side to homemade salmon-black bean burgers flavored with harissa.

With a cooking time of 45 minutes, the potatoes were a lovely shade of brown. These potatoes would be a lovely addition to a classic Niçoise salad or to a simple roast chicken even.

This recipe turns out some damn good potatoes. While almost any vegetable tastes better roasted, there’s something magical about roasting potatoes, where these dense little nuggets get golden blistered exteriors and silken, cloud-like centers. The texture on these potatoes was perfect, and even though I imagine they would be a great complement to a roast chicken or something else, don’t let anyone shame you out of just making these for dinner and eating them right out of the pan. Treat yourself…I did!

I would suggest adding some salt at the beginning so less is needed at the end. Sure, you could do all your salting at the end but I think it would permeate the potatoes better if started at the beginning. Being forever fearful that my potatoes would burn or stick to the pan, I turned my potatoes at the 20- and the 40-minute mark. Just a turn with the spatula to help them crisp on all sides for gorgeously even color and so the hot garlic oil would baste them.

Finally, my dried dill was a little on the old side and not as fragrant as I’d like in the finished product, so I decided to mince some of the fresh dill I intended to use as a garnish and toss it with the potatoes hot from the oven. The garlic oil sizzled the fresh dill, releasing all the fragrance and taking the raw edge off. They clung to the potatoes like little flavor magnets and I will absolutely be making them with this tweak again and again.

I knew immediately that I would love this recipe based on the ingredients and preparation. And I really, really love being right— almost as much as I loved these potatoes.

The recipe is easy to follow and doesn’t require a lot of ingredients; the time commitment is the only thing standing between you and Tuesday night dinner. I suspect that these could be cooked faster, at a higher temperature, but it wouldn’t be the same. The low and slow method gives these potatoes a texture unlike other roasties— the insides are creamier than usual while the outsides still get nice and crisp.

I used a lot of dried dill and finished them with fresh, as suggested. The combination of both adds a nice, if subtle, touch. I served these with sour cream but I feel like they didn’t need it as they were already creamy and buttery.

I used mini russet potatoes and I cooked them for 55 minutes; they were crisp and golden at that point.

This served 4 with NO leftovers!

I like potatoes but I don’t like my potatoes to be boring, dry, or just okay. These potatoes were so much more than just okay. I have to admit, I wasn’t expecting them to taste so good, but they were delicious.

I used russet potatoes. My potatoes were done after 50 minutes. They were just the right amount of crisp on the outside with an almost creamy soft middle. The seasoning was the perfect amount. It wasn’t too little nor too much. The only thing that I would do differently next time is add a little salt prior to cooking. This yielded 6 servings.

About David Leite

David Leite has received three James Beard Awards for his writing as well as for Leite’s Culinaria. His work has appeared in The New York Times, Martha Stewart Living, Saveur, Bon Appétit, Gourmet, Food & Wine, Yankee, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, The Washington Post, and more.

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  1. 4 stars
    I highly recommend these potatoes! They had the perfect amount of crunch and with every bite came a hint on dill. The seasoning helped make the potatoes very moist and they were not bland which made me want to keep eating them. This recipe only took 15 minutes to prepare everything so it is perfect for a quick dinner, or dinner side. The overall time took about an hour but this number can vary depending on how crispy you prefer your potatoes. I definitely would recommend this recipe to my friends and family and would make it again in the future.

  2. 5 stars
    I made these potatoes in my foods class with my friends. They were really good! I really like dill so I really liked the flavour of this recipe. I like dill a lot and the potatoes were the perfect texture. The recipe was very easy and simple to follow and the instructions were very straight forward.
    I would serve this with dinner, as a side to chicken or burgers.