11 New Year’s Eve Cocktail Recipes

These New Year’s Eve cocktail recipes are a collection of our most celebration-worthy drinks, including Champagne cocktails, white sangria spritzer, and more…plus one nonalcoholic sipper. Perfect even if you’re celebrating 2021 solo.

Three Champagne cocktails with a Champagne cork an a plate of sugar cubes beside the drinks.
This Champagne cocktail is a classic for a reason, and we’ve tossed in a few signature extra flourishes (found as variations beneath the recipe that are remarkably easy to make and even more remarkably stunning to sip. And there’s no need to wait for a special occasion.
A glass gobelet filled with an Adonis cocktail and an orange twist garnish, in front of a painted background.
The Adonis cocktail brings together vermouth, a couple of styles of sherry, orange bitters, and a twist. A cocktail classic named for that uber-handsome Greek god.
A pitcher and glasses of white sangria spritzer, filled with slices of lemons and oranges
This white sangria spritzer is crisp white wine, Cointreau, plenty of citrus, and sparkling water collide. What results is a refreshing drink you can sip all evening long without getting TOO tipsy.
Two flutes filled with French 75 cocktail on a wooden table with a notebook and a plate of lemon slices nearby.
Dear friends of ours who love great cocktails brought me Brian Van Flandern’s inspired first cocktail book, called Vintage Cocktails, and I’ve bought every book he’s written since. This very special Champagne cocktail from his book is both sweet and lemony, with the rich flavor of Cognac.
Black Velvet cocktail in a flute with a bottle of Guinness in the background.
The Black Velvet cocktail contains the word “velvet” in its title for a reason. The effervescent mingling of stout and Champagne is uncommonly smooth and subtly sophisticated. Go on. Take a sip and see for yourself. 
A pitcher and 4 tumblers filled with amber colored whiskey sour.
Tangerine whiskey sour is a riff on a classic cocktail and makes a party-friendly punch. Hiccup.
Blood orange and prosecco cocktail, in a coupe glass, on a small tray.
This cocktail is the perfect way to begin a romantic dinner for two: a simple combination of blood orange nectar, St. Germain elderflower liqueur, and prosecco. Serving it in a coupe is a more elegant, unexpected alternative to a Champagne flute, but a flute would work just as well.
Prosecco being added to a Prosecco and Aperol cocktail, with two partially filled glasses behind it.
This prosecco and Aperol cocktail, with its subtle effervescence and slightly sweet, citrusy, herbal, bitter flavor profile, may just be the ultimate simple yet sophisticated sipper. Made with sparkling white wine and the classic aperitif along with a twist.
A tall, cool pink Kitty highball, filled with ice, and sporting a lemon slice
The kitty highball is a low alcohol aperitif made with red wine, ginger syrup, lime juice, and soda water or seltzer. Ideal for all night—or all day—sipping.
Poor man's Champagne cocktail in a coupe glass with a twist of lemon
Made with no Champagne at all, this poor man's cocktail still brings elegance to your party without the expense.
Two glasses of lime soda and one glass of angostura orange.
This lime soda is an easy summer alternative to plain old water made with lime juice, soda water, and a little salt. Natch, there’s always the option of adding a splash of something stronger and turning it into a cocktail.


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