What if we told you that you could buy NY Lip-Smackin’ Garlic, a gorgeously garlicky, nearly-homemade tomato sauce that comes from one of Leite’s very own? Well, believe it, honey. LC tester Christina Roman joins one a handful of home cooks chosen to have their signature pasta sauce distributed across the country.

A bottle of N.Y. Lip-Smacking Garlic Pasta Sauce

At Leite’s Culinaria, our testers are what sets us apart from other sites dedicated to food. Our 200 immensely dedicated, and equally food-obsessed, testers are what makes us your go-to for some of the best eats out there. And on top of the work they do for us, they also do some pretty incredible work on their own. In the case of tester Christina Roman, you might even be able to taste some of that work for yourself.

Who developed NY Lip-Smackin’ Garlic pasta sauce?

Christina Roman

Christina Roman has always been passionate about cooking. She decided to pursue her culinary dreams, graduating from Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts in 2018, and, in 2019, winning a recipe contest for a signature pasta sauce through Just Like Home Kitchen Recipes. The company held the contest to find superb sauce recipes from home cooks across the US. They chose Christina’s sauce along with five others to become part of a collection showcasing the recipes of real pasta lovers. “All of the pasta sauces are so delicious, they taste like they were made at home from scratch and taste gourmet, restaurant quality” Christina says of the winners. Each sauce received distribution across the US in packaging that displays the creator’s name, signature, and likeness on the label.

Hailing from the heart of New York, Christina wanted to create a pasta sauce that had a depth of flavor and an extra kick. Her sauce, Christina’s NY Lip-Smackin’ Garlic, contains minimal ingredients in order to showcase the perfection of vine-ripened California tomatoes, olive oil, and garlic. Lots and lots of garlic. Baby, this isn’t a sauce for the garlic-shy and that’s exactly how we like it. A gorgeously thick sauce, it’s full of delicious and complex garlic flavor that complements roasted vegetables and piles of pasta. Not only that, it’s perfect right out of the jar–and we all know how unusual that is for store-bought sauces. No gussying-up needed here.

What is Just Like Home Kitchen Recipes?

While Just Like Home Kitchen Recipes created the contest to showcase the talents of incredible home cooks, they’re also dedicated to helping those in need. They champion a “sharing and caring” approach that “allows consumers to enjoy authentic recipes without the need to make them from scratch, while also helping people in need. Twenty-five cents from every jar sold is donated to local homeless shelters throughout the US,” says founder Wayne Luciano. 

A delicious as well as worthy sauce we all can feel good about buying.

Where can I buy NY Lip-Smackin’ Garlic?

Christina’s NY Lip-Smackin’ Garlic is currently being sold on Amazon.com and in supermarkets across the United States.

About Jenny Latreille

Growing up in Northern Ontario, Jenny was always curious about the food that wasn’t available in her small hometown. As the city expanded, so did her desire to taste everything and learn all she could about cultures around the world. 40-something years later, she’s amassed an enormous collection of spices and recipes for making many regional cuisines. This hunger for cultural knowledge also led to an education in literature and linguistics, with a Master’s Degree in Globalization and Culture. She lives in an indoor urban jungle with a pack of cats known as The Adorables.

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  1. Interesting garlic recipe something I’m a try at home to re-create my own kitchen. Even with inflation in the economy is going 12.95 per jar on Amazon is ridiculously expensive. I would never buy it or suggest anyone to buy it.

    It’s also a little offputting to see the $.25 per jar goes to a local homeless shelter if they believed in the cause they could have that donation just my thoughts.