About Jenny Latreille

Jenny Latreille

Growing up in Northern Ontario, Jenny was always curious about the food that wasn’t available in her small and insular hometown. As the city expanded, so did her desire to taste everything and learn all she could about cultures around the world. 40 something years later, Jenny has amassed an enormous, and sometimes unwieldy, collection of spices and recipes for making many of the regional cuisines she has discovered. This hunger for cultural knowledge also led to an education in literature and linguistics, with a Master’s Degree in Globalization and Culture.

While Jenny didn’t grow up in a family with many deep food-related traditions, she has spent the last 10 years slowly teasing the secrets of perfect pastry out of her mum. In her life outside of spice obsession, Jenny works as a silversmith and textile designer, working specifically with natural indigo and reclaimed materials. She lives in an indoor urban jungle with a pack of cats known as The Adorables.

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