A white bowl filled with quick chicken chili with a spoon resting inside and a lime wedge on top.
Cooking Light
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Quick Chicken Chili

This quick chicken chili is easy and healthy and made with boneless chicken, plenty of spice, cannellini beans, and green chiles. It’s exactly what you want when you crave something that’s satiating as heck but fast as can be.
A bowl of shredded beef chili with sweet potatoes on a plate containing a spoon, two lime wedges, and cilantro leaves.
Izy Hossack
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Shredded Beef Chili With Sweet Potatoes

This shredded beef chili with sweet potatoes, can be made in the oven or slow cooker. Loaded with tender braised beef, sweet potatoes, beans, peppers, and tomatoes, it’s the answer to all your chili dreams.
A pottery bowl of slow-cooker beef chili from Skinnytaste, topped with tortilla chips, cilantro, red onions, and cheese.
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Skinnytaste’s Slow Cooker Beef Chili

This slow cooker beef chili, from Skinnytaste, is easy as can be to make, satisfying beyond words to taste. All you do is dump the familiar chili ingredients in a crockpot. And just like that, dinner is done.
White bowl of dark beef chili with chocolate on a black slab
Tuukka Koski
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Cincinnati Chili

Cincinnati chili is a food group unto itself, and it's one you're going to want to try. Trust us on this one. And all of the variations just get better and better as you go.
Four beef chili tacos and two lime halves in a basket, with bowls of pickled onions, slaw, and a beer on the side.
Roland Persson
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Beef Chili Tacos

When chili con carne meets all your favorite taco fixings, the result is these beef chili tacos. The taste? Incomparable.
A white bowl of turkey Cincinnati chili with a fork and spoon resting beside it.
Quentin Bacon
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Turkey Cincinnati Chili

This is turkey Cincinnati chili, swaps in ground turkey for the traditional beef, but is still made with warming spices, beans, and plenty of cheese, all piled atop spaghetti.
White bowl of beef chili with grated cheese, tortilla chips, and lime wedges on wood
Mikkel Vang
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Beef Chili

This beef chili appeals to everyone. Easy and inexpensive to make with ground beef, beans, and chiles, it’s homemade awesomeness that’s perfect for game night or just plain old Tuesday night.
A yellow Dutch oven filled with white bean and chicken chili, topped with pieces of bacon.
Matt Armendariz
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White Bean and Chicken Chili

This white bean and chicken chili, a Mexican-inspired meal that’s made with smoky bacon, onions, carrots, celery, peppers, and spices, is hearty, healthy, and completely doable on a weeknight.
Four mugs filled with chili con carne with one spoon resting inside a mug and four others laying beside the mugs.
Eva Kolenko
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Chili con Carne

This chili con carne is loaded with beef, bacon, onions, spices, chiles, broth, tomatoes, plenty of heat, and no beans. It’s the real deal.
White bowl with quinoa chili, red kidney beans, tomatoes, black beans, chopped avocado, grated, cheese, tortilla chips, a black spoon.
Caitlin Bensel
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Quinoa Chili

This quinoa chili is a vegetarian’s delight. Quinoa, black beans, kidney beans, tomatoes, onions, and garlic are cooked in a broth infused with chili powder, cumin, cinnamon, and unsweetened cocoa. Piled on top are diced avocado, grated Cheddar cheese, sour cream, crumbled pita chips, and cilantro leaves.
A white bowl filled with chili, with shredded cheese on top, and a spoon and two pieces of cornbread on the side.
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Easy Chili

This easy chili recipe is quick and makes a big batch you can stash in the freezer and thaw whenever you have a mad-crazy craving.

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