9 Lasagna Recipes

These lasagna recipes have something for everyone. Classic and contemporary, beef and vegetarian, simple as well as fussy.

A metal skillet filled with easy skillet lasagna and garnished with basil leaves.
This easy skillet lasagna is made with a homemade basil tomato sauce, store-bought ravioli, and mozzarella and Parmesan cheeses. A satisfying weeknight dinner that the entire family will want repeatedly.
A metal casserole dish filled with a cooked lasagna Bolognese, with three forks and a stack of plates beside it.
This lasagne bolognese from Giuliano Hazan is as authentic as it gets.
Layers of pasta with mushrooms, spinach, and bechamel sauce between each layer.
Three-cheese vegetarian lasagna is easy and exceptional and even sorta elegant anytime of year BUT we especially welcome it at the Thanksgiving table when we need something vegetarian and lovely. Here’s exactly how to make it plus what kind of cheeses work best.
Three personal pan lasagnas in glass dishes.
This personal pan lasagna is a mini and magnificent combination of store-bought ravioli, pasta sauce, and cheese. Consider it an easy cheater’s lasagna. And you won’t care what it’s called as soon as you taste this individual lasagna made with no ricotta.
A metal baking dish filled with lasagna bolognese on a wooden surface.
This lasagna Bolognese with eggplant is a little different but hear me out–it's incredibly good. It's filled with meat (ground pork, beef, and veal, plus Italian sausage) and will convert even the most avowed eggplant-deniers.
A square pan filled with pumpkin lasagna, covered with melted cheese.
Pumpkin lasagna isn’t filled with chunks of pumpkin but instead, it’s made with lovely sheets of winter squash noodles and layered with béchamel and 4 kinds of cheese.
Meatball lasagna, with one piece missing, in a large baking dish beside a spatula.
This meatball lasagna is made with layers of rich tomato sauce, lasagna noodles, mini beef and veal meatballs, mozzarella, and ricotta. Italian comfort food at its most amazing.
A blue and white square baking dish filled with vegetable lasagna that has been cut into 9 squares with a knife resting on top.
This dish is one of those “perfect for all occasions” recipes. It's also one of those perfect recipes for whatever is hanging around the fridge. Feel free to vary it up and use what you have on hand.
An earthenware bowl with an open lasagna of mushrooms, pine nuts, and thyme in it and a fork resting in the bowl and a glass of white wine in the background.
This open lasagna of mushrooms, pine nuts, and thyme with a garlic cream sauce is the fastest and easiest lasagna we’ve ever made.


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