5 Leftover Ham Recipes

Leftover ham is never a bad thing. These 5 recipes are proof.

A cooked ham and cheese omelet in a small skillet with a spatula sliding underneath to flip it.
This ham and cheese omelet is so tasty that you'll make it often, even if you're not short on time or energy. Toss some salty ham in there and you've got a winning meal, any time of the day.
A slice of bread with a cooked egg in the center topped with ham, avocado salsa, and jalapeño oil, for a playful take on green eggs and ham.
This playful take on green eggs and ham is made with a cooked egg on toast, and topped with an avocado and green tomato salsa, ham, and jalapeño oil.
Cooling rack with 5 ham and Cheddar biscuits on it plus a white plate with a half eaten biscuit on top
These ham and Cheddar biscuits with scallions, buttermilk, and cayenne are tender and flaky with a little pop of heat. Enjoy them at breakfast, lunch, or dinner, or as a standalone snack.
An arugula salad with country ham, pears, and honey vinaigrette, topped with chopped walnuts in a white bowl.
Make sure you remove not only the inedible rind but also any excess fat from the cooked country ham. The profound taste of that fat is just too strong, a poor match for the pears
Maple syrup being poured over a monte cristo sandwich that is on a piece of parchment paper.
The monte cristo sandwich may sound fancy, but it's really nothing more than the collision of a ham and cheese sandwich and French toast. Not fancy. But definitely delicious.

If you’ve got a leftover ham bone, don’t toss it! It adds incredible flavor to this slow cooker split pea soup, which is another great use for leftover ham.



  1. Yum! I like that Green Eggs and Ham idea, avocado makes everything better. I make ham quiche sometimes with spinach and mushrooms. And I have a delicious ham salad wrap recipe that uses up the little bits too small for slicing. But I still love a thick slice of fresh baked ham on sourdough bread with real mayonnaise best.

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