Our 6 Favorite Jam and Jelly Recipes

With so many amazing fruits and vegetables all arriving at the market during the short summer season, it seems almost impossible to enjoy them all before they’re gone again. Thankfully, these jam and jelly recipes allow you to preserve summer’s bounty so you can enjoy it all year long.

A jelly jar filled with apricot jam and a spoon resting on top.
This no pectin apricot jam recipe, made with only three ingredients – fresh apricots, sugar, and lemon juice – is an easy way to make apricot season last all year long.
A spoon with raspberry jam dripping off of it.
Made with just raspberries and sugar, this is the easiest raspberry jam I've ever made. I also think it's the tastiest.
A jar of Portuguese tomato jelly with a small tomato next to it.
This Portuguese tomato jelly, made with fresh tomatoes, sugar, water, and some patience, is a favorite Portuguese sweet and savory condiment. It's perfect for serving with cheesand crackers.
A spoonful of mixed citrus marmalade spilling over onto a grey marble surface.
This mixed citrus marmalade recipe, made with oranges, mandarins, and limes, is essentially a lovely fruit jam that’s simple to make and tastes complex as heck.
Four small jars of blueberry jam, one is half gone with a spoon in it.
Simple and easy, the delicious flavor of the blueberries takes center stage.
A glass bowl partially filled with Thai chili jam and a spoon on the side.
The sweet, savory, and spicy condiment called Nam prik pao is the classic garnish for tom yum noodles, but it's too good to be relegated to one single use.

Originally published July 16, 2022


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