What Should I do with Shrimp Shells?

After a big seafood throw down, you might find yourself with an excess of empty shells. What to do? Stock, compost, garbage? Cat toys? The brilliant Never Cook Naked guys have an answer.

In Memoriam: Nach Waxman

Nach Waxman, the heart and soul of Manhattan's culinary bookstore Kitchen Arts & Letters, passed away today. The food world grieves.

How to Tell if a Peach is Perfectly Ripe

There's nothing quite like an exquisitely sweet and drippy peach to make life stand still for a moment. And we've got 5 simple tactics to ensure stone fruit superlativeness.

How to Grow Herbs in Containers

It’s that time of year when everything buds and blooms. Take advantage and plant enough herbs—grow ‘em indoors or outdoors—to last the entire year.

The History of Rice

Michael W. Twitty digs deep into the history of rice and the role African-American slaves played in the dissemination, cultivation, and harvesting of this beloved grain.

I Am Not Your Exotic

Writer Kim Sunée shares her experience of both losing and finding herself in cooking during the last couple decades and especially the last year.

Leite’s Loves…KnifeFlight

Not certain how to sharpen your knives or where to take them to have it done for you? Wonder no more. Now you can do it by mail from trusted experts.

What Does a “Heaping Cup” Mean?

Our Never Cook Naked columnists, Mark Scarbrough and Bruce Weinstein, share their tips on how to accurately measure when a recipe calls for a "heaping" cup.

How to Store Your Maple Syrup

If, unlike us, you don't find yourself going through pure maple syrup at a dizzying rate, then you might be wondering the best way to store it so you don't waste a single, perfect amber drop.

What is Braising?

Here's how to coax tough, inexpensive cuts of meat to tenderness while imbuing them with flavor. And all without nary any effort. Here's how.