Deb Lynch, Recipe Tester

A list of all the recipes Deb Lynch has tested.

Deb Lynch

Deb began honing her culinary skills at her grandmother’s elbow making homemade noodles, doughnuts and cakes. The love of all things food continued and after college she landed her dream job working on product development, food ingredients and a slew of other experiences with the Pillsbury Doughboy and Jolly Green Giant. She combines her love of travel with searching out cooking schools around the world where she has been known to take classes in languages she doesn’t speak but finds food to be a universal language.

Deb runs a Cooking School in Central Florida and volunteers as a Cooking Instructor with the University of Minnesota Extension. Buttery Brioche is the recipe that brought Deb to Leite’s Culinaria and continues to be a favorite, as well as Instant Pot Pork Pozole, Blueberry Muffins with Sugar Topping, Dry-fried Green Beans, and Slow-Cooker Indian Style Chicken.

Two highball glasses filled with watermelon Moscow mule and topped with a mint sprig. A bowl of ice, watermelon and lime wedges on the side.

Watermelon Moscow Mule

If you’re a fan of the classic mule, made with vodka, ginger beer, and lime, then you’re gonna love the addition of fresh watermelon and mint to it.

A muffin tin filled with 12 baked egg and toast cups

Baked Egg and Toast Cups

There’s no excuse for skipping breakfast with these convenient egg and toast cups that combine eggs, cheese, and toast into a handheld bite.

A bowl of creamy pork and egg noodles

Creamy Pork and Egg Noodles

This umami-rich bowl of creamy comfort requires only one pan, is on the table in just 40 minutes, and utilizes a genius hack for creating a stroganoff-esque sauce.

A cast-iron skillet with low-carb chicken Marsala on a counter

Low-Carb Chicken Marsala

This version of the classic does away with the traditional flour coating. What’s left are pure, clean flavors that work for everyone.

Two bowls of shrimp bisque on a white table

Shrimp Bisque

Creamy, easy, and can be made with ingredients in your fridge and pantry. You’re just a quick half-hour away from a wicked good meal.

Brown butter banana bread sheet cake on a wire rack, with a few pieces cut out and garnished with bananas and chopped nuts.

Brown Butter Banana Bread Sheet Cake

Sheet cakes are a great choice for a crowd or just for a Tuesday. Easy to bake, decorate, and transport and loved by all. This moist chocolate banana beauty is no exception.