A pistachio lover's pound cake on a wooden cutting board with a mesh bag of pistachios beside it.
Philip Ficks
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Pistachio Pound Cake

This pistachio pound cake with a confectioners sugar glaze is a dense, moist, nutty pound cake with a tight crumb that will satisfy any and all pistachio lovers. And it makes an ample amount so you’ll have plenty to share. Although beware, it disappears quickly.
A lemon pound cake resting on a round wire rack, drizzled with a white icing glaze
Hélène Dujardin
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Lemon Pound Cake

This lemon pound cake is spectacularly easy to make from everyday ingredients. Using yogurt ensures the tender-crumbed cake remains moist and lends it a slight tang. Baking it in a Bundt pan ensures its appearance is as stunning as its taste.
A fancy Bundt Kentucky bourbon cake on a silver platter.
Erin Kunkel
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Kentucky Bourbon Cake

UPDATE: This Kentucky Bourbon Cake has people going so bonkers, we decided to publish it again just in time for the Kentucky Derby. This is the real deal, an authentic Southern recipe classic. It’s much like a pound cake given its, er, obscene amount of butter and its tender, perfect crumb. And oh, baby, wait’ll you taste the bourbon glaze.
Chocolate ganache being poured over a chocolate Bundt cake that is on a wire stand
Cenk Sonmezsoy
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Chocolate Bundt Cake

This chocolate Bundt cake is so tender and intensely chocolatey that you'll swoon–and so will everyone that you share it with. And don't even think about skipping that glaze, it's probably the very best part.
A glazed pumpkin pound cake on a plate--a pumpkin Bundt cake with a milk-sugar poured glaze.
Alexandra Grablewski
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Glazed Pumpkin Pound Cake

This glazed pumpkin pound cake has a moist, dense crumb that’s not too sweet and aromatic with autumnal spices including cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, and cloves. The glaze makes an already amazing cake even more over the top.
A partially sliced loaf of cream cheese pound cake with lemon glaze.
David Leite
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Cream Cheese Pound Cake

This cream cheese pound cake is everything you can imagine: delicious with a dense, tight, moist crumb and a puckery lemon glaze that's the perfect foil to all that richness.
A sliced apple tea cake on a wire rack, with one slice on a blue and white patterned plate with a fork on the side.
Squire Fox
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Apple Tea Cake

This apple tea cake is made with layers of apples and cinnamon encased in sweet cake and topped with a tart lemon drizzle. We’re happily indulging at any time of the day.
A blood orange pound cake on a wire rack with glaze and sugar syrup, three slices cut.
David Leite
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Blood Orange Swirl Pound Cake

This blood orange pound cake is a fantastic seasonal dessert. The buttery, rich cake is ribboned with a marmalade layer, steeped in a blood orange syrup, and topped with a light blood orange glaze. Irresistible.
A frosted brown sugar pound cake on a white plate on a cloth-covered picnic table.
Becky Luigart-Stayner
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Brown Sugar Pound Cake

This brown sugar pound cake with caramel glaze is dense, rich, and incredibly sweet, as most things Southern tend to be.
A plate with a slice of pound cake with currants, and a cake stand in the background with the remaining cake.
Scott Peterson
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Eggnog Pound Cake

This eggnog pound cake, made with rum, nutmeg, eggnog, and studded with currants, is the perfect Christmas Bundt cake or hostess gift.

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