5 Must-Make Mushroom Recipes

We all could use a fungi in our life. And we’ve got several really quite charming mushroom recipes to choose from.

Three stuffed portobello mushrooms
This stuffed mushrooms recipe, a favorite starter of Italian trattorias in the 1970s, is a delicious classic that’s worthy, I feel, of a place in this book. As a former vegetarian, I would be happy to be offered this dish to replace meat at any meal.
A sheet of parchment paper with a rectangular mushroom, leek, and Gruyere tart with a square piece cut from the corner, and garnished with thyme.
This mushroom, leek, and Gruyère tart, made with puff pastry, topped with garlic and thyme-infused leeks and mushrooms and Gruyère cheese is an easy appetizer or light vegetarian entrée.
A spinach tomato mushroom burger between two toasted bun halves on a brown plate.
This spinach, tomato, and mushroom burger is loaded with garlicky greens, marinated tomatoes, and a grilled portobello mushroom stuffed between toasted buns. A veggie burger to satisfy everyone.
Two halves of waffle toasties with mushrooms on a blue plate with a candle beside it an a person in the background.
These waffle toasties with mushrooms press rich creamed mushrooms between slices of bread and toast until golden. The result is unspeakably good.
Two pouches of baked mushrooms in foil packets with a bowl of greens and another bowl of quinoa on the side.
These baked mushrooms in foil packets are incredibly easy to make with assorted mushrooms and a little garlic, wine, oil, and soy sauce, yet their umami-rich flavor intimates that a whole heck of a lot more effort went into them. It can be our little secret.


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