A pile of sugar-dusted easy raised doughnuts on a white plate.
Guy Ambrosino
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Easy Raised Doughnuts ~ Cuddureddi

Easy raised doughnuts, or cuddureddi as they’re known in Italian, are a deep-fried classic that’s synonymous with celebration—regardless of whether or not there’s an occasion.
A pile of beignets dusted with confectioners' sugar in a bowl.
Brent Hofacker
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New Orleans-Style Beignets

Beignets are a deep-fried, confectioners’ sugar-dusted indulgence that’s a New Orleans tradition made famous by Cafe du Monde. But you don’t have to go to the Big Easy to experience them. Thankfully they’re surprisingly easy to make at home.
A mini funnel cake dusted with confectioners' sugar.
Taylor Mathis
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Mini Funnel Cakes

These mini funnel cakes are as simple and easy to make as pancakes but a heck of a lot more novel. And chances are you have everything you need at home. Here’s how to make them.
A plate of churros with a cup of hot chocolate in the background
Calle Stoltz
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These churros are based on the Spanish and Mexican classic that comes together with ingredients you already have on hand. The resulting fried dough is crisp on the outside, airy on the inside, and irresistible through and through.
Four glazed doughnuts stacked on top of each other, two with chocolate glaze, 2 with vanilla glaze
Lara Ferroni
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Glazed Doughnuts

These glazed doughnuts are light, fluffy, and just sweet enough without being cloying. I urge you to use a glaze to make them as gloriously nostalgic as possible.
Indian Fried Dough Jalebi stacked on a table.
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Indian Fried Dough ~ Jalebi

This jalebi recipe, an Indian fried dough traditionally made for Diwali, looks and tastes a lot like funnel cakes and is sticky and sweet. Make sure to let the dough rest for the best results.
Easy Jewish Hanukkah doughnuts and doughnut holes covered with sugar, on a metal cookie sheet.
Catherine Gratwicke
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Easy Jewish Hanukkah Doughnuts

This recipe for easy Jewish Hanukkah donuts makes light, sugar-dusted doughnuts and doughnut holes. They're so good–they're perfect for any denomination.
A child holding a malassadas, or Portuguese doughnut, in a paper napkin.
David Leite
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Malassadas | Portuguese Doughnuts

These malassadas, or Portuguese doughnuts are an irresistible dessert made with fried dough that's coated in cinnamon sugar. They're a treat that harkens back to my childhood.
Two metal baskets lined with paper, each with three Jamaican fried dough fritters, or festival.
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Jamaican Fried Dough | Festival

They’re also known as Jamaican fried dumplings, fried dough, cornbread fritters, or fried cornbread. In Jamaica, they’re simply known as festival. They’re best eaten right after it’s made, while still hot.

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