16 Healthy Snacks Recipes

These healthy snack recipes, including cookies, vegetable chips, ice cream, and more, allow you to satisfy your urge to snack without any guilt.

A brown paper bag with popped microwave popcorn spilling out of it.
How to make microwave popcorn in minutes—without having to run to the store or ingest any nasty preservatives, fake butter, or artificial anything. Perfect for Netflix binges!
Three homemade Larabars.
Homemade larabars will change the way you think about snacking. Or breakfast-on-the-go. Almonds and dates form the base but the additions are up to you–tailor them to whatever your diet or cravings dictate. The variations are endless!
A layer of toasted, spiced pumpkin seeds.
Spiced pumpkin seeds are a spicy snack made with pepitas and chili powder and not a lot of effort. Simple and satisfying and curiously addictive.
25 chocolate energy balls, made with dates, almond butter, almonds, and cacao powder, on white marble
These chocolate energy balls, made with dates, almond butter, almonds, and cacao powder, are easy, make-ahead snacks that are perfect for any time of the day, whether it be post-workout, 3 pm munchies, or midnight snack.
Two white serving plates with swirls of beet hummus, topped with chopped almonds
Beet hummus isn’t just the best-looking dip at the party, it’s also healthy and tastes like fresh sumac and smoky root vegetable. You’re going to love how easy it is, too.
Six tahini cookies on a piece of parchment with chopped pistachios on the cookies and on the parchment.
Yes. Tahini. In a cookie. Besides the added bonus of being gluten-free and paleo-friendly, these little lovelies are nutty, chewy, and a little exotic.
A pot and a mug filled with hot cocoa and a sifter of cocoa powder on the side.
This coconut milk hot chocolate recipe is rich, creamy, delicious, paleo, dairy-free, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, kid-friendly, adult-approved, and as simple to make as it is soothing to sip.
A pile of beet and sweet potato root vegetable chips.
These root vegetable chips are easy to make and completely irresistible. The snack, which tastes just like the chips from Terra, are made by roasting thin slices of beet and sweet potatoes until crisp.
Three bowls of vegan mango ice cream topped with mango slices.
This vegan mango ice cream, made with frozen bananas, mango, and plant-based milk is easy, healthy, made from just three ingredients, and tastes indulgent enough for dessert yet is virtuous enough for breakfast. No ice cream maker required. Simply toss in a high-powered blender and you, too, can experience the best homemade vegan frozen dessert we’ve encountered.
A rimmed baking sheet filled with crispy baked kale chips.
These kale chips are lightly tossed with oil and salt and baked until crisp. They're so simple to make that you'll banish the thought of ever buying store-bought kale chips again. Here's how to make them.
Four individual white bowls of avocado chocolate pudding with spoons on a wooden table.
The key to using avocado in an avocado chocolate pudding is to make sure you completely purée it, so that there are no undesirable lumps in your pudding
A bowl of hard-boiled eggs with dukkah in a bowl next to it.
Hard-boiled eggs with dukkah is an easy combination that will satisfy snackers. A crunchy, nutty, spicy mixture elevates those perfectly hard-boiled eggs.
Four apple chips in a white pie dish.
Curious about how to make apple chips at home? These oven baked apple chips, made with just apples and confectioners' sugar, are easy to make, healthy, and require only 10 minutes of effort.
Half of a homemade KIND bar with a piece broken off.
Homemade KIND bars are homemade granola bars that are actually healthy. They’re easy to make, too, with nuts, seeds, dried fruit, and any other add-ins you fancy (coconut, anyone?). Gluten free. Low sugar. For breakfast or any other time of day.
An overhead view of a glass of blueberry kale smoothie with a straw and some blueberries and kale scattered around the glass.
This blueberry kale smoothie is packed with health benefits from banana, almond milk, and greens and makes a quick, easy, and surprisingly satisfying breakfast.


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