A black skillet containing a cheese omelet, topped with chives and Gruyere.
Åsa Dahlgren
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Cheese Omelet

This cheese omelet is fluffy and filled with fresh herbs, goat cheese, Gruyère, and sour cream. A classic that’s easy, simple, and satisfying any time of day. Here’s how to make it.
Two white plates with tarragon chicken leg and thigh on each, sliced onion and tarragon on top
Lean Timms
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Tarragon Chicken

Tarragon chicken is a French classic. Chicken legs are seared in butter and then roasted with tarragon and onions until golden brown. A sauce made from the pan drippings and crème fraîche captures every last lingering nuance of flavor. Easy and elegant.
A bowl of apple cider steamed mussels topped with parsley, fries on the side
Nicholas Ball
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Apple Cider Steamed Mussels

Apple cider steamed mussels are a no-brainer for the autumn. Plump mussels are steamed with cider, a bit of cream, and onions. And frites on the side.
A white bowl of French lentil soup, topped with ribbons of chard.
Johnny Miller
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French Lentil Soup

This French lentil soup is filled with creamy lentils, sweet butternut squash, and tender chard. It comes together as a one-pot meal that makes ample leftovers to take to work the rest of the week—and which reheat beautifully.
A person drizzling sauce over a steak au poivre on a white plate with sweet potato fries.
Cenk Sönmezsoy
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Steak au Poivre

This steak au poivre from Julia Child is a French classic made with steak encrusted with black, green, white peppercorns, and allspice and drizzled with a Cognac pan sauce.
A metal bowl with handles filled with seasoned perfect French fries.
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Perfect French Fries

We’re not kidding about these being perfect French fries. We’re also not going to lie to you. Perfection takes time. We swear it’s worth the wait.
A Dutch oven filled with ham and potatoes sarladaise on a white and red linen cloth.
Marcus Nilsson
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Ham and Potatoes Sarladaise

Ham and potatoes sarladaise is just a fancy French way of saying “Hey, got leftover ham? This is a fantastically comforting thing to make with it!” The addition of parsley and garlic make it rustic and quick to prep.
Several halves of tomato Provençal on a parchment-lined rimmed baking sheet.
Eric Wolfinger
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Tomatoes Provencal

Tomatoes Provencal are stuffed tomatoes, heirloom or otherwise, made with bread crumbs, cheese, herbs, and olive oil. So simple. So spectacular.
Part of a loaf of pain de mie on a round wooden cutting board.
Lauren Volo
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Pain de Mie

Pain de mie is a bread that’s perfectly rectangular, perfectly lovely for sandwiches, and perfectly doable with any old loaf pan. (It’s traditionally made in a Pullman pan but we show you how to use any old pan.)
A partially-eaten chocolate souffle in a round white ceramic dish.
America’s Test Kitchen
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Chocolate Soufflé

This chocolate soufflé, made with eggs, sugar, chocolate, and orange-flavored liqueur, is light and airy and far easier than you may imagine. We show you exactly how to make it.
A ceramic soup bowl filled with French onion soup, and topped with melted cheese which is dripping down the side of the bowl.
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French Onion Soup

This French onion soup tastes just like the classic, with plenty of onions and leeks in a rich homemade broth. Here's how to make it.
A white bowl filled with Provençale fish soup with a spoon resting inside.
America’s Test Kitchen
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Provençale Fish Soup

This Provençale fish soup is made with a fragrant vegetable-infused clam juice broth and tender poached fish. It's easy and healthy, though you'd never guess from the abundance of flavor.
A white bowl filled with French beef stew piled atop pasta.
Emily Brooke Sandor
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Daube ~ French Beef Stew

This French stew, called a daube, is simply chunks of beef, carrots, onion, mushrooms, and olives in a rich red wine sauce. Serve it by itself, over pasta, or with a thick slice of hearty peasant bread. Perfect blizzard food.
Two bowls of coq au vin on a table with sliced bread and fresh herbs.
David Leite
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Julia Child’s Coq au Vin

This coq au vin recipe strays a little from the original but I don't think that's to its detriment. This updated version of the simple French chicken stew uses a robust brown chicken stock, mushrooms, onions, bacon, and red wine.
An omelet with chanterelles in a metal skillet with two chanterelle mushrooms lying beside the skillet.
Paul Winch-Furness
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Omelet with Chanterelles

This omelet with chanterelles is one of my favorite easy weeknight dinners that feels fancy, even though it's stunningly easy. Truly French, the combination of chanterelles, eggs, thyme, and Gruyère just can't be beaten.
Two white plates of braised beef with carrots on top of mashed potatoes.
Christopher Hirsheimer
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Braised Beef with Carrots

This French-inspired meal of slowly braised beef with carrots feels comforting and indulgent but won't break the bank.
A tarte tatin on a white plate on a wooden table.
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Tarte Tatin

This tarte Tatin is my mother's caramel apple all dressed up, French style. It’s essentially apples, enveloped with caramel and butter, resting on a thin crust of pastry. A fancy upside-down tart.

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