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There’s never been a better time to be an ice cream lover. We consider ourselves novelty frozen dessert connoisseurs, and few food trends over the last decade have brought us as much satisfaction as the explosion of quality artisan ice cream.

No longer are the days of choosing between only Haagen-Dazs and Ben & Jerry’s (don’t come for us, we still love them). The 2010s brought a groundswell of craveable new offerings in ice creams (Jeni’s, Salt & Straw, Coolhaus, the list goes on), gelato (Talenti and Revolution), low-calorie options (Halo Top), and plant-based alternatives galore (Arctic Zero, Ripple, SO Delicious). And there’s no shortage of pint-of-the-month clubs who will deliver innovative ice creams from all across the country to your doorstep.

Unfortunately, we entered this artisanal churning renaissance woefully unprepared for the toll this would take on our dinner spoons, which were NOT equipped for this much scooping. Artisanal ice creams have higher butterfat contents, meaning firmer ice creams and heartier mix-ins. After having discarded enough bent spoons for a found-art sculptor to craft their magnum opus, we knew it was time to up wour game. If you’re looking for a scoop that’s as robust as your undying love for homemade ice cream, here are our favorites.

About Jack Van Amburg

Food has always been a central part of Jack’s life, back to the days of standing on a stool in the kitchen so he could keep an eye on his toaster waffles. When he wasn’t learning from his mother and grandmothers, he was watching Food Network and reading back issues of Gourmet and Saveur. A classically trained cellist, Jack started working in kitchen stores during grad school for fun and loved getting to try out all the new cooking products and running cooking demonstrations. You can find him and his most recent cookbook obsession at @whatsjackmaking.

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  1. Last year I purchased the Zeroll and love it! It does exactly what it is suppose to do and makes beautiful rounded scoops! I don’t mind handwashing at all because it is the best scoop I have ever owned!