5 Decadent Ice Cream Recipes

We’ve got the decadent ice cream recipes to satisfy any ice cream craving. Tell us, what are you in the mood for?

A square metal dish filled with brownie ice cream and a metal ice cream scoop removing a scoop from the dish.
Here, a fudgy brownie made with plenty of chocolate and toasted pecans, and baked slightly thinner than usual, is combined with a good store-bought ice cream—either vanilla or white chocolate works well.
Three glass bowls filled with scoops of strawberry cheesecake ice cream.
This strawberry cheesecake ice cream is easy as can be. All you do is mix together cream cheese, sweetened condensed milk, and cream until smooth and then freeze it. Later strawberry puree and crushed graham crackers are swirled through. No ice cream maker required.

Made this strawberry cheesecake ice cream recipe for Victoria Day dinner here in lovely Richmond Hill, Ontario and my whole family loved it!–Angela Gottheil

A spoonful of sweet cream ice cream.
This sweet cream ice cream recipe contains no vanilla. And no eggs. Just milk, heavy cream, sugar, and cream cheese. And it tastes just like Cold Stone Creamery’s version that started the whole sweet cream sensation.

This is a simple-to-follow sweet cream ice cream recipe with good results. My entire family tried the ice cream, and there were good reviews all around. I’d recommend strawberries as a topping or mix-in. I think this would be fabulous served in a waffle cone—perhaps one with a cinnamon or vanilla flavor.–C. Roush

Butter pecan ice cream in a black bowl, with a spoon.
This indulgent Southern treat combines a creamy brown butter ice cream with homemade pecan brittle made from toasted pecans, butter, and sugar.
A frosty metal pan full of dark chocolate ice cream on a counter covered with sprinkles.
This dark chocolate ice cream takes the rich flavors of devil's food cake and turns them into a creamy, smooth frozen treat.

I make a lot of ice cream, and have for quite some time. This by far is the best dark chocolate ice cream I’ve made.–Ranger Rick



  1. Can I suggest one more? Because this is unique, surprising and just plain yummy. One-of-a-kind ice creams like this one are the the real joy of having an ice cream maker.

    No one will expect the crunch of cinnamon toast and even after it softens — if there’s still some left after several days — it will still have the old-fashioned, homey flavor of bread pudding.

    it’s one of my favs.


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