A sliced piece of braised brisket with red wine and honey laying on a cutting board with a large knife and covered with braised onions.
Sang An
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Braised Brisket with Red Wine and Honey

This braised brisket with red wine and honey is sweet and tangy and fall-apart tender and so perfect it makes us go weak in the knees. And it’s a hunk of beef large enough to feed a crowd so it has that going for it, too.
A yellow Le Creuset pot with Nach Waxman's sliced beef brisket inside.
David Leite
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Nach Waxman’s Beef Brisket

The brisket is partially cooked, removed from the oven, and sliced. It's then returned to the oven to cook completely. Juicy, deeply flavorful, and amazingly tender. Genius.
A partially sliced barbecue beef brisket on a cutting board with spice rub, hot sauce, and pickle slices scattered around it.
Jody Horton
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Barbecue Beef Brisket

This true Texas-style brisket made with brisket, barbecue sauce, and a coffee and chile rub on your smoker.
A sliced Texas brisket on a wooden board with a knife lying beside it.
Weldon Owen
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Texas Brisket

Texas brisket is a very, very special thing. It's essentially just perfectly smoked bbq brisket with nary a trace of rub. It doesn't need any accoutrement. It's just beefy exquisiteness.
An enamel baking dish holding a sliced oven brisket topped with onions with jus on the side.
Nuno Correia
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Edna Lewis’s Oven Brisket

Our Edna Lewis’s oven brisket recipe is a classic. It’s an eminently affordable Sunday supper made with a bare minimum of ingredients—essentially just brisket, onions, and love.
A plate of shredded Coca-Cola brisket with a fork resting in the meat.
Renee Brock
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Coca Cola Brisket

This knee-wobbling tender Coca cola brisket is as easy as tossing brisket and Coca cola, onion soup mix, and chili sauce into the oven or slow cooker and walking away.
A partially sliced smoked coffee brisket on a wooden cutting board with a meat fork resting beside it.
Leigh Beisch
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Smoked Coffee Brisket

Smoked brisket with coffee takes a few of our favorite things and combines them into a meltingly tender, spicy, and smoky masterpiece.
Slices of pastrami cut from a larger piece and bowls of pickles and shredded cheese next to it.
David Leite
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Homemade Pastrami

For this homemade pastrami, beef brisket is brined (or corned) in a pickling mix for 5 days. The now-corned beef is rubbed with black pepper, coriander, and smoked paprika, and baked in the oven. If you must smoke it, see the variation.
Several slices of homemade corned beef in a sandwich on a wooden table.
David Leite
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Homemade Corned Beef

Homemade corned beef is crazy easy to make. It's essentially brisket that's given a makeover by letting it linger in an easy brine with spices and then slowly braised until falling-apart tender. Here's how to make it (including a slow-cooker variation above).
French onion brisket in an oval enamel casserole dish on a white background.
Matt Taylor-Gross
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French Onion Brisket

This recipe is my way of taking poetic license with brisket, drawing inspiration from French onion soup for a braising liquid of caramelized onions and garlic, deglazed with apple brandy.

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