14 Meatless Mains Recipes

Our list of meatless mains recipes includes so many delicious and satiating meals that you won’t even think twice about the meat. Veggie burgers, sandwiches, lasagna, pasta dishes, and soup are just the beginning.

A cast iron skillet filled with baked macaroni and cheese.
This baked macaroni and cheese recipe is the best and easy to make. The bread crumbs on top and creamy comfort food underneath are proof that homemade tastes infinitely better than that store-bought stuff in the blue box. Here’s how to make it.
Three mugs, 2 full of vegetarian chili, and one empty, with squeezed lime halves and spoons lying beside them.
This easy vegetarian chili, with three types of beans, is the best we've ever tried. Better yet, it can be made in the slow cooker.
A white bowl filled filled with a healthy gado gado salad
This healthy gado gado salad is made with brown rice, eggs, carrots, red cabbage, and mangoes. Drizzled on top is a vegetarian peanut sauce. Quick, easy, and delicious. Oh, it's kid friendly, too.
Layers of pasta with mushrooms, spinach, and bechamel sauce between each layer.
Three-cheese vegetarian lasagna is easy and exceptional and even sorta elegant anytime of year BUT we especially welcome it at the Thanksgiving table when we need something vegetarian and lovely. Here’s exactly how to make it plus what kind of cheeses work best.
A person removing a slice of fresh tomato tart with a lifter and a bowl of pesto and black pepper on the side.
This fresh tomato tart is laden with slices of summer tomato—preferably heirloom—on an herbed crust topped with creamy goat cheese and finished with a pesto vinaigrette. Elegant and impressive yet (shhhhh!) really quite easy.
Four individual mushroom wellingtons with spinach and walnuts on a squares of parchment paper.
This mushroom wellington with spinach is essentially a meaty portobello mushroom and spinach-walnut filling in flaky puff pastry. A spectacular vegan and vegetarian option, whether for Thanksgiving or any time of year. And you can easily assemble it ahead of time and bake it at the last moment.
A broccoli rabe pizza cut into squares on a grey background.
We’re not saying broccoli rabe pizza is going to replace sausage pizza in your heart and appetite. But the hearty and healthy vegetarian option is drawing raves from everyone we know, especially when made with a whole-wheat crust.
A stuffed roast winter squash with blue cheese on a rimmed baking sheet.
This roast winter squash with blue cheese combines tangy Gorgonzola cheese and tender roasted butternut squash for an easy, elegant vegetarian main dish.
A veggie burger topped with mushrooms and thyme on an oval plate.
Veggie burgers made with mushrooms and barley are an amazing riff on the classic soup. Umami bombs in buns.
A pepper and egg sandwich on a wooden table with pieces of pepper and onion falling out.
This pepper and egg sandwich is simply (and satisfyingly) scrambled eggs along with sweet bell peppers and onions and stuffed into bread. An Italian American staple perfect for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and in between. Here’s how to make it.
Four curried cauliflower and potato pasties in a metal baking dish with a pink and white striped towel on the edge.
These curried cauliflower and potato pasties are classic British comfort food made with an Indian spiced tomato, potato, and cauliflower filling encased in flaky hot water pastry. Yes, please.
A bowl of caramelized onion ramen with chile, choy sum, and soft boiled egg.
This caramelized onion ramen with chile is a hybrid unlike anything else. Vegetable based ramen that takes inspiration from French onion soup, bringing together the best of both—brown miso, ramen noodles, chiles, caramelized onions, all topped off with soy eggs. East meets West, indeed.
A veggie rice bowl filled with cabbage, rice, chickpeas, hazelnuts, and cilantro on a wooden table.
This veggie bowl is chock-full of good-for-you ingredients, including brown rice, chickpeas, vegetables, and nuts.
A casserole dish of sweet potato enchiladas with a place with two enchiladas, lime, jalapenos, and sauce.
These sweet potato enchiladas, that are filled with healthful ingredients including spinach, black beans, sweet potatoes, and peppers, are smothered in a homemade enchilada sauce. But healthy isn’t the only reason to indulge in them. They’re Tex-Mex deliciousness. And they just happen to be vegan.


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