5 Challenger Breadware Must-Haves

Aptly named, Challenger Breadware products are durable, dependable, and up for any kitchen challenge at hand. Made to last for generations, none of these superior baking products will ever get stale. Choosing just a handful of our favorite Challenger products wasn’t an easy feat, but we highly recommend you start your Challenger Breadware collection with these trusted must-haves.

The upper crust of bread pans.

Challenger bread pan.

Designed with the baker in mind, the Challenger Bread Pan will not be out done. When it’s all said and done, it truly is all in the details. Made with thick, black cast iron and shaped like a loaf of bread, the bread pan ensures that the proper amount of steam and heat are circulated to create the perfect loaf of just about any type of bread you have in mind. Dinner rolls? No problem. Demi-baguette? Mais, oui. Ciabatta perhaps? Challenge accepted.

Boy will these come in handy.

Challenger Oven Gloves.

You know what they say--- if you can’t take the heat, then you probably need new oven gloves. And these are no ordinary oven gloves. Made with three layers of heat-insulated material that is both anti-slip and super comfortable, the Challenger oven gloves provide more dexterity and heat resistance compared to other gloves on the market.

Do your loaves always seem to go a rye?

Challenger Proofing Box.

Well not anymore. Designed by a home baker for home bakers, the Challenger proofing box provides a more predictable environment for your precious bread dough. It is the ideal size, creates an airtight seal, and is designed to be stackable to save room in the kitchen. You heard it here first, the proof may just be in the details.

We hear sourdough is on the rise.

Challenger Starter Jar Set.

And with this starter jar set, you are able to watch your beloved sourdough starter come to life! Designed with ruled lines so that you can accurately track your starter’s growth, the jars are also wide enough so that you can feed your starter with the greatest of ease. Just another way Challenger Breadware helps you in your journey to perfect the craft of baking.

Challenger Breadware’s got you covered.

Challenger Denim Bakers Apron.

Your kitchen may not stay spotless while baking, but the Challenger Denim Baker’s Apron keeps you pristine and flour-free. With its classic, bib apron design with roomy pockets, each fabrication detail was carefully tested to keep the comfort of the home baker in mind. And did we mention how stylish the apron is? Très chic indeed.


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