A Romantic Menu for Valentine’s Day 2022

Looking to knock the pants off someone this Valentine’s Day? Literally or figuratively? We’ve got you covered with a dreamy and rather sexy menu that includes a Prosecco sipper, garlicky mussels, endive with blue cheese, and a lush chocolate cake. Prepared to be adored!

Blood orange and prosecco cocktail, in a coupe glass, on a small tray.
This cocktail is the perfect way to begin a romantic dinner for two: a simple combination of blood orange nectar, St. Germain elderflower liqueur, and prosecco. Serving it in a coupe is a more elegant, unexpected alternative to a Champagne flute, but a flute would work just as well.
Endive Roquefort salad in a blue speckled bowl, garnished with walnuts.
This endive Roquefort salad is simple, satiating, and sophisticated, thanks to its balance of tastes and textures from endive, blue cheese, caramelized walnuts, grapes, radishes, and Dijon.


We have plenty of recipes for Valentine’s cocktails, nibbles, appetizers, entrées, and, of course, dessert. Love beef tenderloin? We got it.

A white saucepan filled with mussels in a creamy white wine garlic sauce with lemons.
Some people find the texture of mussels off-putting, but after they’ve been steaming away in a creamy, buttery sauce they soon start to get super delicious. The best part of a mussel dish always seems to be the same: that last bit of creamy sauce in the bottom of the bowl that gets soaked up with some warm crusty bread. The salty sea-ness from the mussels combined with your sauce always creates the perfect combination. 
A torn loaf of focaccia with herbs and salt and sprigs of rosemary, a knife, and a hunk of pecorino on the side.
If you want to fill your kitchen with the smell of fresh-baked bread but you're nervous about shaping a boule or working with a starter, focaccia is the best place to begin.
A whole chocolate meringue mousse cake with one slice cut from it.
This cake is neither too sweet nor too rich, with a deeply chocolatey mousse-like center, beneath a thin crackly layer of cocoa-dusted meringue. What’s not to love?

Originally published February 7, 2022


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