Our 8 Best St. Patrick’s Day Recipes

Kiss me, I’m cooking! Lá Fhéile Pádraig is both a celebration and a religious day throughout Ireland–and for those of us with Éire in our veins. Try a few of these amazing recipes and count yourself luckier than most.

Several slices of homemade corned beef in a sandwich on a wooden table.
Homemade corned beef is crazy easy to make. It's essentially brisket that's given a makeover by letting it linger in an easy brine with spices and then slowly braised until falling-apart tender. Here's how to make it (including a slow-cooker variation).
A loaf of Irish soda bread on a brown plate with a chunk cut out and smeared with butter.
This Irish soda bread is very close to traditional with the exception of using pantry-friendly yogurt instead of buttermilk. It also includes whole-wheat flour and walnuts and has incredible flavor, keeps well, and goes with everything from soup to jam. Here’s how to make it.
A ceramic bowl filled with colcannon - an Irish dish of mashed potatoes, cabbage, kale and bacon.
Colcannon is so much more than mere cabbage and potatoes. Still not convinced? Taste this version with kale and bacon and beer and get back to us. A twist on the traditional Irish dish. Excellent for St. Patrick’s Day.
Two Guiness floats with straws on a grey metal try with a few spoons lying beside them.
This Guinness and ice cream float, made with stout and vanilla ice cream is kind of like a root beer float for adults.
Four twice-baked potatoes with corned beef on a baking sheet.
These twice-baked potatoes with corned beef are potato jackets stuffed with fluffy mashed potatoes, Cheddar cheese, and corned beef. Perfect for dinner on its own or as a side.
A copper pot filled with beef and Guinness pie topped with puff pastry on a towel on a cooking rack with a bottle behind it.
This beef and Guinness pie is essentially traditional Irish beef stew filled with onions, carrots, celery, garlic, beef broth, and herbs, all topped with some lovely and simple store-bought puff pastry. Simple, delicious, and marvelously hearty.
Cast iron skillet with a pan boxty(Irish potato pancake) in it, on a wooden cutting board
This pan boxty is essentially an Irish potato pancake. Just a few ingredients–grated potatoes, a little flour, and butter–constitute this classic Irish dish. Lovers of colcannon, rösti, latkes, and hash browns will find comfort here.
A chocolate mocha cake with chocolate Irish whiskey glaze being poured on top
This chocolate mocha cake with Irish whiskey is a dark chocolate cake made with ground almonds and coffee and drizzled with an Irish whiskey glaze.



  1. It’s a bit late for the party (but what is new there with me?), but with all the planned drinking, it’s only apropos Ireland’s ripe proper bite would be the Spice Bag.

    I have not been to Ireland, though I would like to one of these years. You know, I will seek one down since I am more in the food traveler vein.

    Recipe right here.

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