Hanukkah Candles

We could wax poetic about Hanukkah recipes and food traditions. But we won’t. Because we know that what you really need now, just hours before the celebrations commence, are not words but recipes. Hanukkah recipes that honor the richness of these food traditions and require minimal effort yet reward you with ample kudos. Hanukkah recipes that are as unfailingly reliable as they are impressive. Hanukkah recipes that are certain to bring even more meaning to your holiday, whether reassuringly familiar, such as Joan Nathan’s Favorite Brisket, or relatively unexpected, like her Apple Latkes and her Zucchini Parmesan Latkes. This year, may your table bask in the glow of the traditional candles and the warmth of family and friends.—LC Editors

Our Best Hanukkah Recipes



  1. Hmmm, well, my go-to recipe for challah has been King Arthur Flour’s rendition. However, your version has piqued my interest because it does not call for a (quick) starter. The holidays are in full swing so I guess this is the perfect opportunity to try a new recipe!

  2. This was the wrong page to check out before breakfast. I want one of almost anything and it is not quite 10 AM. Such lovely, appetizing, tempting foods for which I say, “thank you all.”

    1. Thank you, Chris. And to pick up on Renee’s gratitude, in addition to the abundance of delicious food, I think we can also be grateful for that extra dose of light thrown off by the Hanukkah candles this time of year. A little more light is something we can all use as days get shorter and darker, right? Happy Hanukkah to all our readers who celebrate this week.

    2. You’re quite welcome! A lovely assemblage of creations from a diverse array of cookbook authors…yet another thing to be grateful for, even though it’s after Thanksgiving…

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