Two stainless steel hammered salad servers.

A wavy-gravy serving set

With their hammered texture and wavy design, these servers are a sensation for the senses…and perhaps even a little psychedelic when their uneven surface catches the glimmer of candlelight. Made from stainless steel, they’re as fuss-free as they are fashionable.

Buy button.Two-Piece Hammered Stainless Steel Salad Server Set, $20 on

Creswick Ice Bucket

An ice bucket that gives new meaning to the term “bucket list”

The rustic glam vibe of the wood exterior on this ice bucket fits into any outdoor scene. Perfect for keeping within reach for all your cocktail-shaking needs—or simply plunk a bottle in the bucket and let everyone help themselves to refills.

Buy button.Creswick Ice Bucket, $65 on

A clear glass round platter.
Cake Stand

A platter that can elevate even your sister-in-law’s cooking

Individually handcrafted in Europe, these understated yet elegant platters are mouth-blown and hand-cut using traditional techniques. You may not want to cover them up, although we think you’ll find they work quite nicely for artfully arranged hors d’oeuvres. (Or, heck, even store-bought cupcakes!)

Moderne 15″ Round Platter, $140 on Riverbendhome.comBuy button.

A clear acrylic kitchen bar car with wheels.

A lucite cart! Yeah, baby!

No more running back to the kitchen every few minutes for things you forgot. The ample shelf space on this rollable cart lets you keep anything you could possibly need outside and within arm’s reach of the table. And its see-through retro aesthetic blends in unobtrusively with any setting.

Buy button.Healy Clear Acrylic Kitchen Cart, $226 on

Four white mesh food domes.

A different kind of screen saver

These relatively unobtrusive white mesh food domes ensure only invited guests attend dinner by shooing away insects. Essential not just for the backyard but for camping.

Buy button.Set of 4 White Mesh Food Domes, $45 on

Ooni Koda Propane Outdoor Pizza Oven Side Shot

A pizza oven so cute you’ll want to name it

Cooking a pizza in minutes in your backyard is a dream come true. This baby is compact, heats up fast, and, yes, is portable. That’s right. You can still have pizza while camping, at the beach, or visiting relatives.

Buy button.Ooni Koda Propane Outdoor Pizza Oven, $399 on

A white marble serving tray.

A tray that keeps its cool–even if you don’t

Pop this marble tray in the fridge before filling it with lovelies and there’ll be no worrying about your delicate creations wilting outdoors in the heat. Even off-season, we’re quite certain you’ll find occasions to put it to use.

Buy button.Marble Serving Tray, $45 on

Eclipse Porcelain Round Plates

Mod plates your guests will swear you stole from the Guggenheim

Not only are these porcelain plates miles away from the standard plastic disposable ones used in summers past, their eye-catching and contemporary lines will easily elevate even a weeknight burger and easy potato salad to Instagram-worthy levels. Feel good about reducing waste while flaunting your exceptional taste.

Buy button.Set of 4 Eclipse 10″ Porcelain Round Plates, $80 on

Sagebrook Home Candle Holder

Lanterns to light the way, especially after a few drinks

Illuminate the outdoors with these oversize yet understated lanterns that are perfect for adding a cool glow after dark. After all, we all look better by candlelight.

Buy button.Candle Holder Lantern, $106 on

Set of 8 Ruby Acrylic All-Purpose Goblets.

Diamonds may be fine, but ruby is divine

Time to retire those ubiquitous red plastic cups that bring a frat party vibe wherever they appear. These diamond lattice-design goblets bring the same richness associated with red while shifting your outdoor entertaining game into an adult realm. Made from acrylic, they’ll be no shattering when a glass inevitably meets your brick patio.

Buy button.Set of 8 Ruby Acrylic All-Purpose Goblets, $45 on

Blue Porcelain Planters from large to small

Planters that palms find irresistible

These wavy, sea blue planters bring a coastal vibe to any setting, whether lined up on your tabletop or along your patio stairs. An immediate beachy upgrade, no matter how landlocked you may be.

Buy button.Set of 3 Contemporary Cylindrical Blue Porcelain Planters, $70 on

Marina Outdoor Patio Teak Dining Set on a white background

A table where everyone–and we mean everyone–is welcome

Made of durable teak, this dining table with folding chairs melds informal, comfortable, practical, and fashionable. And it seats 8, which means there’s room for everyone on your safe list at the table. (Although you should probably order soon as our entire staff has been swooning over this set.)

Buy button.Marina 9-Piece Outdoor Teak Dining Set with Folding Chairs, $1794 on

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About Jenny Latreille

Growing up in Northern Ontario, Jenny was always curious about the food that wasn’t available in her small hometown. As the city expanded, so did her desire to taste everything and learn all she could about cultures around the world. 40-something years later, she’s amassed an enormous collection of spices and recipes for making many regional cuisines. This hunger for cultural knowledge also led to an education in literature and linguistics, with a Master’s Degree in Globalization and Culture. She lives in an indoor urban jungle with a pack of cats known as The Adorables.

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