A highball glass filled with classic old-fashioned cocktail and large ice cubes.
William Lingwood
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Classic Old-Fashioned Cocktail

This classic old-fashioned cocktail recipe, made of sugar, water, whiskey or bourbon, and a splash of bitters, is an American classic.
A classic Manhattan cocktail in a coupe glass with a lemon garnish.
John Kernick
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Classic Manhattan Cocktail

A classic Manhattan cocktail is incredibly sassy. Made with whiskey, sweet vermouth, Grand Marnier, bitters, and a lemon twist, it's a classic for a reason.
A Sazerac cocktail garnished with a twist, sitting on a bar beside a spoon and a bottle of rye whiskey.
William Lingwood
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Sazerac Cocktail

The Sazerac cocktail is making a comeback revisiting the charm of old-school cocktails. Rye whiskey, absinthe, bitters, simple syrup, and a classic twist are all it takes.
A tall aperitif glass filled with hanky panky cocktail and an orange twist on the rim of the glass.
Daniel Krieger
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Hanky Panky Cocktail

This hanky panky cocktail recipe is similar to a martini, with a slightly sweet edge. Perfect for Valentine's Day or date night.
A coupe glass filled with a revolver cocktail, garnished with orange peel.
Alanna Hale
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The Revolver Cocktail

This revolver cocktail recipe is made with bourbon, coffee liquor, and orange bitters. An alternative to the Manhattan cocktail.
Fatty Daddy Cocktail
David Leite
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Fatty Daddy Cocktail

The David Leite cocktail recipe, made from bourbon, bacon, maple syrup, port, and Amarena cherries, is also known as The Fatty Daddy. Guess why.
A high ball glass partially filled with an amber Sazerac cocktail without absinthe and an oversized ice cube.
Clare Barboza and Mark Bitterman
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Sazerac Cocktail Without Absinthe

This Sazerac cocktail skips the traditional absinthe but still contains a little anise zip from anise bitters plus additional flavorings for a modern twist on a classic cocktail.

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