You know who Oprah is, and you know how revered her Christmas Picks are. She knows her stuff, for sure. We’ve gathered up her kitchen faves because we’re smitten, too. Who needs silk pillowcases when your kitchen is stocked with this kind of bling?

Chill factor

A Corkcicle commuter mug, one of Oprah's 12 favorite kitchen gifts for 2021.

At first glance, you might assume this Oprah pick is just another, albeit gorgeous, cup for the early morning, coffee-on-the-subway crowd. But wait! It’s definitely more than that. The stand-out feature of this crave-worthy cup is the absolutely ingenious lid. Made for mess-free movement, the spill-proof, push-to-open, 360° sip lid means that even the clumsiest among us won’t end up covered in hot chai latte first thing in the morning. Need another plus? How about the 18 hours cold, 5 hours hot insulation? Outstanding.

Corkcicle Commuter Cup, $45 on

Oprah says, “Wake up and smell the mocha lattes!”

Two ceramic coffee cups, one of Oprah's 12 favorite kitchen gifts for 2021.

Are we partial to these stunning ceramic stoneware breakfast mugs because they’re handcrafted in Portugal? Yes, probably. But they’re also gloriously oversized (20 ounces, baby!), making them perfect for steaming mugs of brekkie beverages. Paired with the fetching oval platter, they’re also a delightful way to serve that family favorite lunch, tomato soup with chickpeas and spinach, and grilled cheese sandwiches. Thanks, Oprah!

Cantaria Breakfast Cups, $64 for 2 on

For water so festive it sparkles, like Oprah

An aarke water carbonator, one of Oprah's 12 favorite kitchen gifts for 2021.

If, unlike Oprah, you’re not on the carbonated water bandwagon yet, this might be the dispenser that gets you there. A sleek Swedish design and slim profile make it an elegant way to give your water an instant (well…less than 10-second) upgrade. Go from still to sparkling in a flash. The stunning colors are perfect for every kitchen or home bar, guaranteeing that you’ll find your perfect fit. Bottoms up!

Aarke Water Carbonator, $250 on

Activate beast mode!

A blender and hydration system, one of Oprah's 12 favorite kitchen gifts for 2021.

Called a “blade with a brain,” the Beast blender and hydration system isn’t just for health-nut smoothie lovers—no judgment, you muscle-bound babes. We also happen to know that it makes quick work of ice-based cocktails and over-the-top milkshakes. The quick pulse technology actually allows you to whizz up fruits, veg, nuts, and anything else you desire, without losing essential nutrients. The hydration system uses a finer blend of ingredients to give your infused water more flavor and nutrients, too.

Beast Blender + Hydration System, $185 on

Explore your pasta-bilities at dinner

A Phillips pasta maker, one of Oprah's 12 favorite kitchen gifts for 2021.

Very few things in life beat fresh pasta. (Just ask Oprah.) An old-school hand-cranked pasta maker isn’t always feasible, like on a weeknight when you’re craving a bowlful of carby goodness, stat. Imagine if all you had to do was dump the ingredients into this machine, press a button, and a fully automatic maker did everything else except boil the water. Easy pasta, anytime. Dies for spaghetti, fettuccine, lasagna, and penne are included but you can upgrade to more dies for other pasta and, get this…cookies!

Phillips Pasta and Noodle Maker Plus, $300 on

Meet the smartest kitchen appliance, ever

A Tovola smart oven, one of Oprah's 12 favorite kitchen gifts for 2021.

This sweet little appliance almost defies description. Honestly, it does everything and then some. If you’ve been buying meal delivery kits but still find it too much work, this magic box is going to change your life. Not only does it steam, bake, broil, roast, and reheat but it has smart technology letting you scan your grocery barcodes so it gets cooked to perfection, without any work on your part. And if you sign up for their meal delivery kits, this little baby has all that covered, too.

Tovala Smart Oven, $240 on

Stylish serving is within your reach

A rectangular black casserole dish in a cork tray, one of Oprah's 12 favorite kitchen gifts for 2021.

Everyone loves all-in-one serving dishes, right? This gorgeous piece pick by Oprah can be used in the freezer, dishwasher, oven, and microwave but also looks devastatingly good on the tabletop, thanks to a 100% cork tray. The generous 13- by 10- inch size makes it perfect for lasagna, this brilliant Croque Monsieur casserole, or King Ranch chicken. We’re certain you’ll find dozens of ways to fill it beautifully.

Casafina Baker with Cork Tray, $90 on

Baking sourdough is on the rise

A Yedi breadmaker and its parts, one of Oprah's 12 favorite kitchen gifts for 2021.

Maybe you missed the sourdough bread boom of the last two years but making bread at home is huge now darlings. And why not? With a machine this smart, it’s within reach of even the most gluten-afraid. Yedi’s “Total Package” bread maker is easily customizable (from loaf size to crust darkness, whole-wheat to gluten-free), to make nearly any type of bread you could desire. Not only that, it has settings for rice, yogurt, and jam. Yeah, it does that too!

Yedi Bread Machine, $120 on

Stacked and loaded

An Elbee baking set, one of Oprah's 12 favorite kitchen gifts for 2021.

If your kitchen is anything like our kitchens, space is at a premium. You need all those cheese knives and whisks and ramekins and egg coddlers. Same, darling. Same. We present you with an 8-piece, non-stick baking set that stacks into its own 1.5 square foot bundle, making it truly easy to store. Containing two muffin tins, two cake pans, a roaster, a square cake pan, and two oven trays…you’ll be ready for nearly anything.

Elbee 8-Piece Nonstick Baking Set, $50 on

Perfect for making waf-fulls

A waffle iron, one of Oprah's 12 favorite kitchen gifts for 2021.

If 2019 was the year of “Will It Waffle?”, then we’re betting 2022 is the year of stuffed waffles. Take your favorite waffle batter and load it up with anything you fancy, from savory mushrooms to cinnamon apples and honestly, everything in between. Designed for stovetop cooking (it’s cordless), the non-stick unit comes apart easily for cleaning after you’ve had your fill of fillings.

Wonderffle Stuffed Waffle Iron, $50 on

A knife-changing experience

Three knives on a magnetic wooden block, one of Oprah's 12 favorite kitchen gifts for 2021.

This stunning, magnetic knife rack will always keep these gleaming knives in hand’s reach, for slicing, dicing, spatchcocking, and carving on a moment’s notice. Made from Japanese stainless steel and high carbon to be meticulously sharp and incredibly resilient, the trio combines the most useful knives in any kitchen. Their perfect match comes in the magnetic wooden stand, designed to store your knives in a show-stopping yet entirely practical way.

MATERIAL Knife Trio and Stand, $195 on

What’s cooking, good looking?

A set of Greenpan Reserve Cookware, one of Oprah's 12 favorite kitchen gifts for 2021.

Featuring Thermalon Minerals Pro technology, this splurge-worthy set is more than just minimalist good looks—it’s ultra-durable and heat-resistant, too. Tempered glass lids, handsome matte handles, and a beautiful range of colors mean that the set is perfect for the serious cook with style. The PFAS, PFOA, lead, and cadmium-free ceramic coating also ensures that your frittatas, braises, and seared seafood are that much better, for you and the environment.

GreenPan Reserve Nonstick Cookware Set, $400 on

Originally published December 1, 2021

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