A partially cut Portuguese orange olive oil cake.
Nuno Correia
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Portuguese Orange Olive Oil Cake

This Portuguese orange olive oil cake has an unforgettably tender crumb and a citrus smack thanks to fruity olive oil, winter navel oranges, and orange zest.

I made this orange olive oil cake a couple of years ago, and it truly is absolutely scrumptious!!! I made an orange glaze to drizzle over because I love frosting. We did sneak a tiny piece because we couldn’t wait, but it did get more and more delicious after a couple of days.

Denise S.
A blood orange pound cake on a wire rack with glaze and sugar syrup, three slices cut.
David Leite
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Blood Orange Swirl Pound Cake

This blood orange pound cake is a fantastic seasonal dessert. The buttery, rich cake is ribboned with a marmalade layer, steeped in a blood orange syrup, and topped with a light blood orange glaze. Irresistible.

This blood orange pound cake was perfect. The recipe was easy to follow, and it came out fantastic!

I loved the icing on top of the blood orange syrup that soaked into the top. It was the perfect infusion of blood orange flavoring without being overpowering. I am definitely putting this one in my recipe book for future dinner parties, holidays, etc.

Melanie G.
Two glass dishes of orange flan on a lace tablecloth.
Jason Lowe
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Spanish Orange Flan

This orange flan is stunning in its simplicity. Three ingredients. One incredible dessert.
A clementine cake on a round silver platter with one slice on a plate beside it.
John Kernick
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Clementine Cake

This clementine cake gets its swanky appearance from clementines, satsuma oranges, or tangerines. The cake itself is easy to make from simple everyday ingredients including flour, butter, and eggs, then it’s topped with candied clementine slices. Because it’s got fruit, it’s sorta healthy, right? Ahem.

This clementine cake was delicious. I made it to bring to a friend’s house. I’m grateful I left it there because if it were still in my kitchen, I would not rest until it was all gone. 

Ann M.
A partially cut orange chocolate chunk cake on a round wire rack.
Cenk Sönmezsoy
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Orange Chocolate Chunk Cake

This orange chocolate chunk cake turns out a beautiful Bundt cake that's studded with chocolate chunks and topped, if desired, with ganache.

My wife made this orange chocolate chunk cake for my birthday. It was perfect! My new favorite cake! Moist, orangey, not overly sweet, nice chocolate chunks. I’m a happy man.

John T.
A slice of orange, olive oil, and poppyseed cake with sliced strawberries on the side on a white plate
Vedika Luthra
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Orange, Olive Oil, and Poppyseed Cake

The combination of orange and olive oil gives this cake a Mediterranean vibe, perfect for spring (but really, any time of year). I like to pair this cake with macerated strawberries: the sweet, syrupy fruit adds a fresh contrast to the subtle flavors of the cake, a welcome and delicious addition.
Portuguese mini lemon-orange cakes piled on a cake stand.
Cenk Sönmezsoy
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Portuguese Mini Lemon-Orange Cakes ~ Queques

These Portuguese mini lemon-orange cakes, called queques, are sweet, buttery, citrus-infused bites perfect for snacking or breakfast.

This is the best “queques” recipe I have baked, and they are just as good, if not better than the ones you get at most bakeries in Portugal. Simple instructions and perfect results. Thank you, David!


Orange FAQs

Which flavors go well with orange?

In both sweet and savory dishes, orange pairs well with other citrus flavors such as lemon and lime. For desserts and baked goods, orange is frequently paired with warm spices, such as cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg. It’s also popular to combine orange and chocolate since the sweetness in oranges complements the richness of chocolate.

When is Orange season?

In the Northern Hemisphere, oranges are in season from December through April. The cooler weather during these months helps intensify the citrus flavor, making it most enjoyable during the winter.

Do blood oranges taste different than regular oranges?

Yes. Blood oranges tend to be sweeter and less tangy than navel oranges. They also have a tart undertone that tastes like berries.

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  1. Oh my gosh. I returned to your site for the rustic bread recipe with step by step directions for a friend who is a beginner baker. That bread is so easy to make, looks professional and most of all delicious!!! I made the shredded pork which is easy and so delicious. Tonight’s meal was soup and to accompany that I made your recipe for crispy hash browns. Just delicious and easy to make recipes. You’re recipes are phenomenal ! Thank you for sharing.

    1. Wonderful, Penny! Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. We’re delighted to have you as a reader and hope that you’ll continue to try many of the recipes.