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Trick or Treat for the Childless

A little terrified—or perhaps just jealous—of all the loot the great six-year-old sugar-crazed mafia will collect on Halloween? David Leite offers a way kids and adults can each get a share of the stash.

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Weeknight Winners

Grilled Pork Loin Recipe

No more standing idly by as the pork chops you tossed on the grill toughen into leathery dryness. Nope. Not with this clever trick that cooks a whole pork loin and then slices it into chops after it’s pulled off the heat.

The Arsenal

Pretzel Rolls Recipe

You’re gonna be astounded at just how easy pretzel rolls are to make at home. And yes, they taste like the real deal—just like a German soft pretzel.

Weekend Projects

Carnitas Tacos Recipe

A little pile of tasty meat cushioned by a warm tortilla and electrified by a little salsa. Life is good.

Honest Entertaining

How To Decorate With Melted Chocolate

We explain how to make and use chocolate for piping and drizzling and decorating with letters and squiggles on cakes and cookies and whatever you fancy.

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