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If you love comida Portuguesa–caldo verde, bacalhau, chouriço, porco, enchidos–then these easy Portuguese recipes are for you. Everything from petiscos and main courses to side dishes and desserts. Not only do we have recipes for every course, but we also have recipes from every area of Portugal–the mainland as well as from Madeira and the Azores.

Our Most Popular Portuguese Recipes

If you’re looking to zero in on our most beloved and popular recipes, consider the humble Pastéis de Bacalhau (salt cod and potato fritters) as a nibble. And there’s this lovely modern Portuguese recipe variation: Chouriço and Potato Balls. Same concept but using the classic Portuguese sausage in place of fish. My grandmother’s malassadas (Portuguese doughnuts) are always a crowd-pleaser. And my Portuguese Orange Olive Cake, which has been sold in a few pastry shops in Paris, no less!)  is divine, if I say so myself. But without a doubt, the number-one most popular Portuguese recipe here is Pastéis de Nata (Portuguese custard cups) with their shatteringly crisp shell and creamy custard.

Chouriço Recipes

Speaking of chouriço, it’s in so many of our dishes such as this easy Sausage Frittata or my mom’s Carne Assada (roast beef). We even have a recipe to make your own chouriço.

Soup lover? Try the classic Caldo Verde. (collards, potato, and sausage soup). Or Fennel Soup. Pork fans, you’re in luck. We have Bifanas (Portuguese pork sandwiches), which you can’t make without an easy recipe for Papo Secos (Portuguese rolls). And Portuguese Clams and Sausage and my personal favorite, Porco Alentejana (Portuguese pork and clams).

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Four links of homemade Portuguese chouriço hanging

Homemade Portuguese Chouriço

If you’ve got some time, patience, and access to a smoker, homemade smoked Portuguese sausage is within your reach. Go on. Impress your friends.

An enamel pot filled with Portuguese bean soup with a hint of bread roll and a spoon.

Portuguese Bean Soup

A leisurely way to make a super comforting and filling soup that makes rainy days more bearable. And the leftovers are even better.

A person holding a spoonful of milk mayonnaise above a jar.

Milk Mayonnaise

Maionese de leite in Portuguese, milk mayonnaise–you heard us–is a creamy, eggless emulsion held together by oil, milk (natch), and a lotta love.