11 Rosh Hashanah Recipes

These 11 Rosh Hashanah recipes will give you a few delish ideas for this year’s Jewish New Year’s celebrations. Brisket, roast chicken, latkes, challah, plenty of apple and honey recipes, and some sweet dessert ideas, too. Shanah Tovah.

A sliced piece of braised brisket with red wine and honey laying on a cutting board with a large knife and covered with braised onions.
This braised brisket with red wine and honey is sweet and tangy and fall-apart tender and so perfect it makes us go weak in the knees. And it’s a hunk of beef large enough to feed a crowd so it has that going for it, too.

I made this braised brisket today for our family Seder, and it was delicious. At serving time we passed the reheated broth over the sliced brisket and it was delicious. Easiest brisket I’ve ever made. My new go-to recipe. Thanks!!–Beth S.

Several sweet potato and apple latkes on a paper towel with a bowl of applesauce in the background.
These crispy fried sweet potato and apple latkes are made with matzoh meal, sweet potatoes, and apples. They can be made ahead, which makes them perfect for holiday gatherings, or a quick weeknight dinner.
A partially sliced loaf of challah on a wooden cutting board.
This challah is a traditional Jewish bread made with yeast, flour, water, eggs, and oil, that’s perfect for the Sabbath, Rosh Hashanah, or any other special occasion.

This is the best challah recipe I’ve ever used. I’ve done it a LOT but never have I achieved the springy, fluffy quality this one has! Absolutely love it and will definitely be using it again. The outside was a nice hard texture, very pretty and dark, while the inside was light and soft. I loved it!!–Achilles

A white platter filled with turnip and apples segments, topped with thyme sprigs.
These glazed turnips and apples are easy, healthy, and on the table in minutes. Made with butter and cider vinegar and thyme. It doesn’t get simpler–or better.
A whole roast chicken rubbed with paprika on a baking sheet with carrots and sweet potatoes.
A simple chicken dinner with lots of savory flavors. Paprika makes all the difference here, imbuing the easy sheet pan technique with an elegant finish.

This roast chicken with vegetables was fabulous!!!! Though I will forever love a “classic” roast chicken, this is a wonderful variation to keep in my arsenal. The vegetables really put it over the top…they were so perfectly caramelized. YUM! Tonight, the carcass is burbling on the cooktop with carrots and onions and such and I just know the broth is going to be wonderful too.–Karen

A jar of honey, rosemary, and apple jelly beside two lemons and a pile of rosemary twigs.
This honey, rosemary, and apple jelly works well on both sweet and savory dishes. Honey, earthy rosemary, sweet apples, and a bit of tanginess from lemon juice.
Pomegranate roasted beets with goat cheese on a large white serving plate, with a serving spoon.
I like to serve this salad on a bed of lightly steamed beet greens because it’s a nice textural contrast, it looks really pretty, the greens are full of good nutrients that shouldn’t go to waste, and they're free! How many more reasons do you need?
A yellow Le Creuset pot with Nach Waxman's sliced beef brisket inside
The brisket is partially cooked, removed from the oven, and sliced. It's then returned to the oven to cook completely. Juicy, deeply flavorful, and amazingly tender. Genius.
Three honey-ginger apple tarts on a white platter with 4 apples on the side.
Honey-ginger apple tarts are rustic perfection. Flaky pastry crust, wrapped around a sweet-tart filling. And then everything is sprinkled with crushed cinnamon-sugar walnuts. See? Absolute perfection.
A black skillet with figs in Port wine and a spoon on the side.
These figs in Port wine, made with fresh figs, tawny port, sugar, and black peppercorns, is a simple, elegant summer dessert.
A tarte tatin on a white plate on a wooden table.
This tarte Tatin is my mother's caramel apple all dressed up, French style. It’s essentially apples, enveloped with caramel and butter, resting on a thin crust of pastry. A fancy upside-down tart.

This tarte tatin looks beautiful and is delicious!–Diane

Originally published August 28, 2021


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