8 Comforting Soup and Stew Recipes

Cold weather means comforting soups and stews are on repeat on our dinner tables. Here are eight of our favorites to warm your body and nourish your soul.

A plate of beef stew, a bowl of beans, a bow of tortellini soup, a pot of turkey meatball soup. The title reads: "Comfort me with soup and stew."

From record snowfalls (I’m talking to you, Buffalo) to record rainfall (raise your hand, California) to -9°F temps coupled with power outages (that would be us in Connecticut), few of us have been spared.

If we’ve ever needed comforting soups and stews, it’s this winter.

But the last thing any of us wants is complicated, over-the-top recipes. Simple and hearty is the way to go.

Yet I’ve not exactly been a big soup fan, but this month I’ve sat at our table many a time, soupspoon at the ready. It just felt…right. Ya know?

These recipes will keep you in good stead for weeks (and storms) to come. Of course, if you’d like to zhuzh things up a bit, you can bake off a loaf of herby sourdough bread or pastrami-and-cheese stuffed babka.

A simple apple, celery, and walnut salad is a great sidekick to any of these soups.

And, well, if gilding the lily is your thing, these buttery sablé cookies or these indulgent double chocolate pots de crème are just the ticket.

Whatever you do, please stay warm, dry, and full.


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Three bowls of minestrone soup with a small bowl of pesto on the side.
This old-fashioned minestrone soup is chock-full of carrots, tomatoes, potatoes, kale, zucchini, beans, and pasta…but gets an unexpected drizzle of pesto that transforms a frugal veggie-bin soup into something special.
Pieces of beef stew with red wine and mashed potatoes in a white bowl with a fork nestled inside.
This beef stew with red wine, made with beef chuck roast and a rich red wine sauce, can be made in your Instant Pot or braised in the oven.

This beef stew recipe is simply extraordinary. Quite literally. I must confess I’ve made it twice during this cold, rainy week in coastal Maryland.

I’ve greatly enjoyed adding my own vegetables when serving – my favorite by far was curried roasted carrots and black-pepper mashed potatoes, both on this site as well.–Kristen K.

A white enamel pot filled with turkey meatball soup.
This turkey meatball soup with spinach is a healthier riff on Italian wedding soup and is made using mini meatballs made with turkey. Also includes farro, a nutty whole grain. A weeknight fix that’s satisfying, simple, and kid-friendly.
A metal saucepan filled with white bean stew with tomatoes and rosemary, with bowls, napkins, and utensils in the background.
Spicy and bursting with hints of garlic to complement the tender sausage, this richly textured bean stew is the perfect comforting winter supper.

This white bean stew recipe brought back great memories and flavors of a shared meal prepared by an Italian mama after a tour of a small olive-oil processor in southern Italy. I didn’t add the sausage to keep it a meatless meal.

It was delicious with cornbread and a glass of Chianti. (It’d be wonderful with ciabatta and a nice olive oil, too.)–Deb L.

A large pot of Ina Garten's easy tomato soup with a grilled cheese sandwich being cut into croutons beside it.
This tomato soup is spiced with saffron, which has enough flavor to stand up to the Gruyère in the croutons. And the whole thing is awfully easy to put together, beating out anything from a can, anyday.

I had thought that I would never get a good homemade tomato soup again because I can’t get a decent tomato up here in snow country and can’t grow one either!

But I was wrong. This soup with the San Marzano canned tomatoes was excellent! We loved it!–Anne S.

A blue plate with a serving of creamy French chicken stew served over rice and garnished with parsley.
This version of blanquette is slightly simplified in that it doesn’t involve making a roux but it’s no less flavourful. Serve this with plain boiled rice and garnish with fresh thyme leaves and parsley for a simple, comforting meal that comes together quickly, even on a weeknight.
A white bowl of cauliflower soup on a white linen cloth with a spoon resting beside it.
This elegant cauliflower soup is rich and cheesy, thanks to the addition of blue cheese.

Delicious soup. I didn’t use blue cheese, I used old Cheddar cheese, as my friends don’t like blue cheese. I had extra frozen carrot water that I added. We love soups this time of year.–Patricia C.

Two bowls filled with tortellini, peas, and spinach.
Easy tortellini soup is a quick and simple weeknight recipe made with store-bought tortellini, spinach, peas, and chicken broth. Super simple and perfect for the entire family.

Soup FAQs

Does soup freeze well?

Yes, soup generally freezes very well. After preparing your soup, cool it to room temperature, then divvy it between plastic containers or resealable bags. Freeze it for up to 3 months, then thaw it in the refrigerator overnight before reheating.

How long do soups and stews last in the fridge?

We recommend storing leftover soups and stews in sealed containers in the fridge and eating them within 5 days.

What’s the most popular type of soup?

In North America, chicken noodle soup is the most popular type of soup. Many regions have similar soups as well, like Mexican Chicken Soup, Brodo di Pollo, North African Chicken Soup, and Thai-Inspired Chicken Coconut Soup, all of which we give a thumbs up.

Soups and stews are universally beloved comfort food, perfect for cold weather or when you feel under the weather. Although chicken soups are the most popular soup recipes we’ve tested, we’ve got plenty more to choose from. Check out our entire collection of soup recipes, and let us know your favorite in the comments below.



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