Pimm’s Cup for Wimbledon

The Pimm’s cup for Wimbledon is a riff on a classic summer sipper made with Pimm’s, fresh fruit, and lemon-lime soda. It was made popular at tennis and polo matches although it’s perfectly suited to any cocktail hour. This version adds fresh strawberries in honor of Wimbledon.

A pitcher of Pimm's cup, with a half-filled glass and a vase of flowers on either side of it.

Pimm’s Cup for Wimbledon

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Pour the Pimm’s into a large pitcher or glass.

Toss in all of the fruit and the mint. Add the ice cubes and top it off with the soda.

Stir just a little and immediately start sipping. Originally published Jun 19, 2011.

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    What You Need To Know About Multiplying This Recipe To Make Multiple Servings

    • Never has there been a more worthy use for all that arithmetic you learned in gradeschool as crunching the numbers in the ingredient list below to make more than a single serving of this lovely summer sipper. Because trust us, you’ll want to make a sufficient amount to fill a pitcher, not just a measly glass. Figure 1/4 cup Pimm’s per person—actually, we should say, per serving. Because if you’ve yet to experience Pimm’s, it’s going to be hard to stop at just one glass.

    Recipe Testers' Reviews

    I love Pimm’s. Now that summer is on the way, this will be one of my to-go drinks. Please, please, please use lemon or lemon-lime soda, though, and not seltzer—the latter just isn’t quite right.

    The garnishes make it fancy. This drink is very easy to scale up—don’t stop at one glass, make pitchers of it and share!

    What a lovely and refreshing summer drink. It’s very versatile, as you could use almost any fruit you have.

    I was most surprised by the taste of the cucumber—it really made the drink. We made a pitcher and let it sit for a little while, then prepared each glass with a fresh serving of fruit. My mother-in-law saved all of the Pimm’s-soaked fruit and enjoyed that later in the evening!

    I was happy with this drink. This recipe is simple and straightforward. The colors of the lemon, orange, strawberry, and cucumber made this drink visually appealing.

    I used 7UP, which seemed to fit the bill perfectly, but I’ve also made this drink with lemonade—either work well. Next time, I’d suggest adding a bit of lemon and orange zest to enhance the citrus flavors as I felt that neither fruits really came through in the drink. (Perhaps macerating the fruit a little with a cocktail muddler would release a little more flavor from the fruit.)

    Also, I’d use a canelle knife to make the fruit slices into flower shapes for garnish.

    This is a great, refreshing drink for summer! The recipe was simple, straightforward, and easy to follow. I’d suggest using a glass pitcher if you’re making more than one drink so you can showcase the fruit and vegetables in this drink. I’d also suggest slicing the cucumber about 1/8-inch crosswise and to slice the strawberries lengthwise into thirds.

    Though it may look heavy and old-fashioned, looks are deceiving—this is a surprisingly light, refreshing libation. It’s beautiful in a pitcher, and each piece of fruit does add to the finished overall taste. After mixing one serving as directed, we made slight variations to the recipe to serve eight: Two cups of Pimm’s, 8 slices each of lemon and orange, and 8 sliced strawberries. I added a whole, sliced cucumber because we loved its refreshing aftertaste so much. Topped with a 20-ounce bottle of 7-Up and a whole lotta ice, this is a go-to for any lazy Sunday pick-me-up.


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    1. This is a super-quick cocktail. Within 5 minutes, I found myself sitting on the porch with drink in hand to enjoy the beautiful, breezy evening. It was fruity, tart, and definitely refreshing. This is one that I’ll be making all summer long—it’s perfect for parties, cookouts, or a nice after-work indulgence!

      After visiting seven liquor stores in my area, I’ve come to the conclusion that Pimm’s is a hard liquor to find. However, the gin (which shall remain nameless) that I did end up using did the trick.

    2. I’ve grown partial to using ginger beer (not ginger ale) instead of lemonade or lemon-lime soda. It has a stronger flavor, so I usually use a 2:1 ratio of it to Pimm’s. I also like to go with lime, orange and cucumber slices, with a sprig of mint. Maybe not traditional, but highly tasty.

    3. Being English and a caterer, I have to add my ten cents!
      Please don’t put ice cubes IN the pitcher of Pimms, as it will irrevocably dilute it. Pour the chilled Pimms over a half glass of ice. In England we used to add borage from our garden, a delicious herbal plant with blue flowers that tastes vaguely of cucumber. But it is rarely found these days.
      Bottoms up!

      1. What a great name…”we are never full”. I totally agree with you on the cucumber. My Bermudian/British husband would not have it any other way. Enjoy!

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