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Roasted Banana Ice Cream Recipe

Caramelized bananas and chunks of bittersweet chocolate create pandemonium when jumbled into home-churned ice cream.

Spiced Pumpkin Ice Cream

The pumpkin spice everything craze has left some of us less than enthusiastic about pumpkin spice anything. Until this.

Sweet Cream Ice Cream

No vanilla. No chocolate. Just cream, sugar, cream cheese, and plain and simple goodness like you’ve never imagined.

Magic One Ingredient Ice Cream

This easy, cheap, weird, and truly magical one-ingredient ice cream calls for nothing but bananas and your food processor. Oh, and a spoon.

Strawberry Ice Cream

The tempered sweetness and innate yumminess of this summery ice cream relies on in-season strawberries, not lots of sugar.

The Milkiest Chocolate Ice Cream in the World

Milkiest? Chocolatiest? We think so. This creamy, dreamy little concoction is smoooooothness on a spoon.

Cereal Milk Ice Cream

A smooth, creamy, scintillatingly sweet ice cream that will take you straight back to Saturday morning cartoons and that bowl of cereal sitting beside you.

Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

A classic, perfected. (Yes, we know, you’ve been promised this before by others. But we mean it.)

Black Coffee Ice Cream

Know how every once in a while you taste something that’s so insanely satiating that a single spoonful pretty much satisfies? Nah, neither do we. Pass the ice cream, please.

Peaches and Cream Ice Cream

We’ve got a confession to make. This isn’t quite ice cream. Or frozen yogurt. It falls somewhere perfectly in between.

Bitter Chocolate and Buttermilk Ice Cream

You haven’t had chocolate ice cream until you’ve had chocolate ice cream infused with two different types of dark chocolate. Talk about twice as nice.

Brownie Ice Cream

Chances are you’ve been mashing brownies into ice cream since you were a kid. Still, we could all use a reminder–and this simple recipe certainly does the trick.

Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream

This little bit of heaven is exactly what it purports to be: a smooth, rich confection made from a strawberry Philly cream cheese cheesecake.

Guinness and Ice Cream

A marvie blend of bitter stout and sweet ice cream, this inspired rendition of an old-fashioned float just may take you by surprise.

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