13 Roasted Vegetable Recipes

These roasted vegetable recipes rely on a hot oven to coax any vegetable to superlativeness, with the perfect temperature and timing to remove all the guesswork from your dinner prep. Serve ’em plain or glam them up with herbs, spice rubs, or your fave dipping and drizzling sauce.

Two whole roasted cauliflower heads on a rimmed baking sheet with a glass jar of dressing and a spoon resting inside it.
This whole roasted cauliflower is an easy and impressive side dish that’s drizzled with a tangy lemon, olive oil, caper, and parsley dressing.
Sheet pan lined with parchment and sliced maple roasted parsnips.
These maple-roasted parsnips are a simple yet unexpectedly delicious side dish. Few ingredients and easy prep make it a winner for both weeknights and special occasions.
Crispy roasted Brussels sprouts on a rimmed baking sheet.
Roasted Brussels sprouts are so tantalizingly crisp at the edges and tender but not at all mushy at the center. They just may forever alter your preconceptions about these little cabbages.
Roasted red cabbage on a cooling rack set in a baking sheet.
Roasted red cabbage (actually, some would argue it looks more like PURPLE cabbage) is so incredibly easy—and surprisingly satisfying—to make in the oven. Simply toss with oil and cook.
Four halves of butternut brown butter winter squash on a rimmed baking sheet.
Brown butter winter squash is going to banish memories of all other butternut squash recipes—including that boring brown sugar and butter trick your mom used—from your mind. Here’s how to cook it.
A baking sheet lined with parchment and covered with easy roasted carrots and onions with burnt edges.
These easy roasted carrots boast four ingredients–carrots, butter, salt, and pepper–and one simple and perfect technique for roasting them to magnificence, bringing out their earthy sweetness.
Pieces of roasted okra with spices on a parchment-lined baking sheet.
This spiced roasted version will forever change your mind about okra. I swear. Deliciously flavored and quickly roasted makes them into a pretty addictive dish.
A cast-iron skillet with 8 whole roasted onions with papery skins and creamy interiors.
I want my recipes to be accessible, using relatively few ingredients and manageable techniques. Some are so simple that they don’t really qualify as recipes, and that is the point. This whole roasted onion is proof of just that.
Ten spears of asparagus seasoned with salt and pepper and arranged in a row on a baking sheet.
The timing here depends on how thick the asparagus are—they can be pencil thin or super thick. Just pierce them with a knife; when it goes in easily, they’re ready to be broiled to get some nice, brown color.
A metal roasting pan filled with roast squash, feta, and pistachios on a wooden table with pistachios scattered around it.
This roast squash with pistachios is a simple and elegant way to gussy up plain old roasted winter squash. Simply add feta, a sprinkling of pistachios, a drizzle of cumin oil, and voila, your side dish just became a star.
2 roasted red peppers on a cutting board with a large knife, and scraps of charred pepper skin.
Knowing how to roast bell peppers on the grill, in the oven, or on the stovetop is gonna up your everyday cooking game. It’ll also put you in touch with your inner nonna. Here’s how to make yourself some roasted bell peppers.
A black rectangular serving dish filled with slices of roasted squash with chile and honey, slices of roasted tofu, scallions, squeezed lime halves, and sesame seeds.
This roasted squash with chile and honey is served with sweet and spicy soy roasted tofu, sesame seeds, and scallions. An easy, healthy side or vegetarian main dish.


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