Dark Chocolate Waffles

These dark chocolate waffles, made with cocoa, chocolate chips, and sour cream, can be breakfast or dessert (or a snack), it’s up to you. Hot fudge sauce and ice cream are optional but highly recommended.

Two dark chocolate waffles on a mirrored surface sprinkled with powered sugar

You’ve heard of breakfast for dinner. We’re up leveling that to breakfast for dessert. And not just any dessert. Dark chocolate decadence with crisp edges and an intensity that’s equally enticing alone or, for those days when too much is never enough, hot fudge sauce or vanilla ice cream. Easy, quick, and made with pantry staples, these waffles are about to become your latest and most dangerous chocolate fix. Originally published April 23, 2005.Lisa Yockelson

Dark Chocolate Waffles

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  • 25 M
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  • Makes 5 Belgian-style waffles
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In a large bowl, combine the flour, cocoa powder, baking powder, baking soda, salt, and sugar.

In another bowl, whisk the melted butter, eggs, sour cream, vanilla extract, and milk.

Pour the egg mixture into the flour mixture, add the chocolate chips, and stir to form a batter, using a wooden spoon or a stand mixer fitted with the paddle attachment, mixing just until all the flour is absorbed. Be sure to scrape the bottom and sides of the bowl to thoroughly incorporate the dry ingredients.

Preheat your waffle maker, whether it’s a Belgian waffle iron composed of two 4 1/2-inch squares (the entire grid section should measure about 4 1/2 by 9 inches) or a 5-interconnected-heart waffler maker or just a plain old-fashioned waffle maker you inherited from your parents’ basement.

Spoon 1/3 to 1/2 cup batter onto each square of your preheated waffle iron or spoon about 2/3 cup batter into the center of the single 5-heart waffler. Cook the waffles until completely cooked through and set, 1 1/2 to 4 minutes, depending on the waffle maker you’re using. The thicker the waffle, the longer the cooking time. Lift the waffles onto warm plates.

Wait a moment before serving to allow the chunks of melted chocolate to cool slightly. Sprinkle the waffles with confectioners’ sugar and if desired, drizzle it with hot fudge sauce and/or smother it with scoops of vanilla ice cream.

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    Recipe Testers Reviews

    This is one of the best dessert brunch items I've ever made! We make buttermilk waffles on a weekly basis so I decided to switch things up this morning for a "waffle weekend" party for 12 and try these. No one was disappointed!

    They took about 30 minutes to put together while talking to friends, so probably faster if making solo. I would recommend to warm the eggs to room temperature and allow enough time for the melted butter to really cool so as to avoid curdling the mixture. I sprayed the waffle iron with nonstick canola spray to avoid sticking and was glad that I did. I have a Breville 4-square waffle maker and it took about 1/2 cup batter to fill each square. At altitude (5400 feet), they took 2 1/2 to 3 minutes to fully cook through.

    We all agreed that these were best served without syrup but with plain Greek Yogurt. YUM!

    My son was given a waffle maker for Christmas that was still in the box when I saw this recipe so I was so excited to give his gift a test run while testing this recipe! It's a little single waffle maker, so not exactly what this recipe calls for, but we still wanted to give it a try. These would be fun for a breakfast or a dessert—and with simple ingredients and so easy to put together.

    I had all the ingredients on hand so we mixed the waffle batter together in a matter of minutes. So easy. I used a mixer but seeing how thin the batter is, it would have been easy to mix with a wooden spoon, too. The batter looked much thinner than I expected. One minute and 45 seconds was perfect. The first few we ate just like they came out from the waffle iron—almost like cake with a tiny crunch to the exterior.

    After everyone had tasted them, we made several that we topped with fruit and fresh whipped cream. They will be perfect for the evenings we have nothing sweet in the house and want a quick but delectable treat!

    This dark chocolate waffles recipe is great. In fact, my daughter said that it's definitely a recipe I should make again. What makes this recipe is the combination of chocolate and chocolate chips. What I also liked is that the recipe is easy to make and comes together fairly quickly.

    I made this recipe twice and I think it works slightly differently for a regular waffle iron and for a deep waffle iron. I think these work best with a shallower waffle iron. If you don't have a shallow iron, then you might want to make a few adjustments. The thicker waffles tend to be softer. You may want to keep the waffles warm in a convection oven, which might actually help crisp them. But by the time the last waffle is cooked, the first ones would have had a chance for the chocolate chips to melt.

    Though the recipe doesn't specify this, closing the waffle iron briefly after sprinkling the waffles with the confectioners' sugar created a little crustiness. It was a nice contrast. We drizzled a little caramel on the waffles and they were sublime.


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