20 Meatless Meals to Stretch Your Grocery Dollars

The price of meat and fish is skyrocketing. Steak is up 21%, beef is up 19%, chicken, fish, and ham are all cresting 10%. We’re weary of hunting for a good deal and tired of feeling a pinch at the checkout. These 20 meatless meals allow you to stretch your grocery dollars while still enjoying satisfying meals. Remember, we’re all in this together.

We loved the flavours in this meatless pizza. The combination of the mushrooms, spices, and cheeses made this a keeper in our books!–Angelene

A plate with a slice of broccoli Cheddar quiche.
This broccoli Cheddar quiche is made with eggs, cheese, milk, and, yes, broccoli—everything you’d expect—and yet tastes so superior to every other iteration of this classic quiche that we’ve experienced.
2 halves of a hollowed out pineapple filled with pineapple fried rice and garnished with green onions
There’s nothing like pineapple fried rice—how well the sweet, juicy pieces of pineapple go with the savory sauce! This fried rice contains cashews for extra bite and texture, with a hint of spice from the chili. Enjoy this delicious fried rice as is, or paired with your favorite barbecue.
Layers of pasta with mushrooms, spinach, and bechamel sauce between each layer.
Three-cheese vegetarian lasagna is easy and exceptional and even sorta elegant anytime of year BUT we especially welcome it at the Thanksgiving table when we need something vegetarian and lovely. Here’s exactly how to make it plus what kind of cheeses work best.
A metal pot filled with cauliflower and tomato curry with a ladle resting inside, and a bowl of rice, a bowl of chutney and a pile of cilantro stems on the side.
Cauliflower and tomato curry is a healthy and robust vegan dinner that's full of flavorsome spices that will fill your kitchen with warming aromas. Not to mention the exceptional job it does of filling bellies, too.
A bowl of roasted sweet potatoes and chickpeas, garnished with cilantro, next to a sheet pan and a bowl of coconut milk.
These roasted sweet potatoes and chickpeas are cooked on a sheet pan until tender and tossed in coconut milk and lime dressing. An easy dinner
Four curried cauliflower and potato pasties in a metal baking dish with a pink and white striped towel on the edge.
These curried cauliflower and potato pasties are classic British comfort food made with an Indian spiced tomato, potato, and cauliflower filling encased in flaky hot water pastry. Yes, please.
White bowl with quinoa chili, red kidney beans, tomatoes, black beans, chopped avocado, grated, cheese, tortilla chips, a black spoon.
This quinoa chili is a vegetarian’s delight. Quinoa, black beans, kidney beans, tomatoes, onions, and garlic are cooked in a broth infused with chili powder, cumin, cinnamon, and unsweetened cocoa. Piled on top are diced avocado, grated Cheddar cheese, sour cream, crumbled pita chips, and cilantro leaves.
A spinach tomato mushroom burger between two toasted bun halves on a brown plate.
This spinach, tomato, and mushroom burger is loaded with garlicky greens, marinated tomatoes, and a grilled portobello mushroom stuffed between toasted buns. A veggie burger to satisfy everyone.
Cast iron skillet of broccolini and potato frittata, with a wedge on a metal spatula
This broccolini and potato frittata is a clever and healthy way to clean out your fridge and make it taste delicious too.

This frittata is fantastic! It’s so easy doing it all in the same skillet. The potatoes have a lot of flavor having been cooked in broth. I love how the eggs puff up during the stove-top cooking. This is my new favorite frittata–Amy H.

Cast iron skillet with white bean shakshuka--whit beans, tomatoes, feta cheese, eggs, and parsley
White bean shakshuka is similar to the classic Middle Eastern poached eggs in a tomato and pepper stew. In this recipe, white beans and charred vegetables lend this one-pan breakfast or dinner smoky depth and richness.
A large pot filled with French onion mac and cheese, with a few servings missing and a large serving spoon.
What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object? The same thing that happens when French onion soup meets mac & cheese: glorious mayhem. The crispy caramelized onion and Gruyère topping on this dish is absolutely ridiculous.
Three white bowls filled with collard greens, chickpea, and lentil soup.
This collard greens, chickpea, and lentil soup is an Indian-inspired, healthy, yet comforting meal from Nik Sharma that packs layers of flavor into each spoonful.
A sheet of parchment paper with a rectangular mushroom, leek, and Gruyere tart with a square piece cut from the corner, and garnished with thyme.
This mushroom, leek, and Gruyère tart, made with puff pastry, topped with garlic and thyme-infused leeks and mushrooms and Gruyère cheese is an easy appetizer or light vegetarian entrée.
A white casserole dish partially filled with cheese enchiladas, garnished with cilantro, cheese, and crema.
These cheese enchiladas are pretty simple and, honestly, pretty perfect. The red chile sauce alone garnered rave reviews from our testers. So did the quick prep time. We think you’ll love’em too.
A caramelized onion and Gruyère galette with a rye crust and sprigs of thyme.
If you love French onion soup, with its rich, beefy broth, sweet, deeply caramelized onions, and that luscious, nutty and gooey layer of cheese-laden toast, you’ll love this galette. All the flavors of the classic soup have been distilled into a galette for ease, but also for fun!
A rimmed baking sheet with 9 uncooked spinach and ricotta gnudi
Spinach and ricotta gnudi are similar to gnocchi, but are made with cheese, giving them an ethereally airy texture, and outstanding flavor.
A roasted tomato tart with cheddar and basil sprinkled over the top.
This roasted tomato tart with Cheddar and basil is brimming with flavorful slow-roasted tomatoes that bear an intensely concentrated essence and melds it all with an easy free-form pastry crust.
Baked cheesy pasta with broccoli in a large metal casserole dish, with a serving spoon and napkin.
Broccoli and cheese make a great pair, especially in a baked pasta. You could substitute broccolini or broccoli rabe: Broccolini is slightly sweeter than broccoli, while broccoli rabe is pleasingly bitter.
A bowl of caramelized onion ramen with chile, choy sum, and soft boiled egg.
This caramelized onion ramen with chile is a hybrid unlike anything else. Vegetable based ramen that takes inspiration from French onion soup, bringing together the best of both—brown miso, ramen noodles, chiles, caramelized onions, all topped off with soy eggs. East meets West, indeed.



  1. Bro! Don’t you have your Migas recipe (https://leitesculinaria.com/356959/recipes-tex-mex-migas.html) on here? That was the first recipe to come to mind when I read the title. I have used that as a shortcut several times, when home alone or after a wrestling session, late at night it does the trick – you could make it all from scratch, even so much the thought process – before the deliveryman is at your door with your order. The time saving is the major factor for me with deciding against UberEats nowadays – retaining the money is an added bonus.

    Back onto the topic, albeit the migas turned into cheese, corn chip and egg tacos during my undertaking, I stand by it to this day as a card up my sleeve. It can’t cost too much either, with a small splash of Valentina, chopping up a jalapeno (if available) and a few cherry tomatoes (also, if available). That only plumps it up more.

    ….. Guess we got to worry about the gas bill afterwards, eh?

    1. That is another great recipe to add to the list, Mikey. There are so many recipes we could have included here. Thanks for sharing your favorite.

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