A loaf of monkey bread--balls of caramel-coated bread dough dripping caramel sauce on a rectangle plate

Monkey Bread

A gooey, sweet, classic bread made from pull-apart blobs of brioche dough coated in a buttery, cinnamony caramel sauce that's gonna distract you in the best possible way.
Images of four Hanukkah recipes -- batter-fried chicken, cream cheese rugelach, cheese danish, and chocolate babka.

11 Hanukkah Recipes

Hanukkah recipes that ensure you celebrate with unleashed gusto each day (and night) of Hanukkah. Because there's still much to celebrate with your loved ones.
A bottle half-filled with vanilla syrup and a couple vanilla beans inside. A cork rests beside the bottle.

Vanilla Syrup

You’re going to want to drizzle, douse, and dribble this fragrant homemade vanilla syrup over and into and onto just about everything.
Several Spanish olive oil tortas in a bowl lined with a lace linen cloth.

Spanish Olive Oil Tortas ~ Tortas de Aceite

We've been wobbly in the knees for these sweet and shatteringly crisp little Spanish olive oil tortas. And now that we know how to make them at home, we can't decide if that's a good thing or not...
White pan of 24 orange-red chorizo golf-ball-size meatballs

Chorizo Meatballs

Quite frankly, these remind us why meatballs are a thing of magnificence. They owe their loveliness to chorizo, chili powder, cilantro, and Cheddar.
A chipped white bowl filled with Cajun chicken and sausage gumbo and a scoop of rice with a spoon resting in it.

Cajun Chicken and Sausage Gumbo

"Your family will think you are AMAZING." "A straightforward, real deal Cajun gumbo that everyone loved." "Easy and affordable." "A keeper!" That's what we're hearing about this.
Images of four holiday dessert recipes -- coconut carrot cake, angel food cake, gingerbread cheesecake, and rum balls.

Holiday Dessert Recipes

Let the last course be the best course with these lovelies that include something for everyone, from easy to elegant, gluttonous to gluten-free. 'Tis the season.
A grid of five weeknight winners, including salt and pepper rib eye, Thanksgiving leftover turnovers, skillet cauliflower pasta, Vietnamese chicken rice soup, and kale shakshuka, and a Manny the Milkman logo.

5 Weeknight Winners Recipes

We get it. Like you, we need reliable recipes night after night that come together without a lot of fuss but with the guarantee of being foolproof as heck. These do the trick.
Rectangles of pumpkin pasta dough

Pumpkin Pasta Dough

Spectacularly stunning—and unbelievably easy—handmade pasta that takes its lovely color and subtle flavor from sweetly savory pumpkin or other winter squash.
Images of four homemade food gift recipes -- rum balls, apple cider caramels, pine nut brittle, and banana bread.

10 Homemade Food Gift Recipes

Making your list and checking it twice? These simple made-from-scratch lovelies--including sweets, savories, and sippables--are certain to make your holidays easier as well as more affordable.