A seafoam colored KitchenAid Pro 5-Quart Mixer.

1. A (kickass) stand mixer

More than just a mixer, this beloved kitchen appliance with a range of attachments does it all. Juices oranges, grinds meat, rolls out homemade pasta dough, spiralizes vegetables, churns ice cream, and the list goes on and on. And it’s fun to use. (Did we mention the array of alluring colors?) Nuff said.

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6-Quart Stand Mixer, $529 from Amazon.com

An Ateco bench scraper.

2. A bench scraper (that doubles as a mirror)

This handy dandy tool will help you scrape together that shaggy dough, neatly divide it into precise portions, and clean off your rolling surface. And just in case you want to measure the height or overhang of your rolled out flaky pie crust, a built-in ruler saves the day. (You can also check if you have flour on your cheeks in its reflective surface.)

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Ateco Bench Scraper, $8 on Amazon.com

A Ironweed baking peel.

3. A baking peel (to keep you a socially safe distance from your oven)

A handsome premium acacia wood peel with a slanted edge that’s perfect for sliding your buxom loaves or that gooey, cheesy New York Style pizza  in and out of a blazing-hot oven.

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Ironwood Baking Peel, $45 on Amazon.com

Le Creuset Multibowl in red

4. A multitasking multi bowl

Truly a multi-use bowl, you’ll be grabbing this to mix everything from bread dough to your favorite cookies. With any of its vibrant colors, you’ll want to leave it on the counter to enhance your kitchen décor.

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Multi Bowl, $42 from Le Crueset

A Cambro dough container with red lid.

5. A dough container a biga can love

Need to stash that batch of bread dough? This container with its matching lid will store that and more in your refrigerator or freezer. And it’s dishwasher safe. Your Italian biga will thank you.

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Cambro Dough Container, $24 on Amazon.com

A Pizzacraft baking stone.

6. A baking stone that gathers no dust

Ever wonder how your local bakery gets such crunchy loaves of bread? This baking stone preheats in your oven so your loaves get a nice warm start and even cooking temperature. Perfect for turning out a stunning No-Knead 5-Minute Artisan Bread.

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Pizzacraft Baking Stone, $39 on Amazon.com

A pair of red and black JHSafety oven gloves.

7. Gloves that prevent asbestos hands

Isn’t it interesting that you only find out a dish towel isn’t thick enough after it’s too late? Then say hello to these iRobot-looking gloves made of heat- and cut-resistant Kevlar fibers for strength and a silicone honeycomb pattern for grip and protection up to 930°F. In a pinch, you can wear them as mittens. (We have!)

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JHSafety Oven Gloves, $15 on Amazon.com

A stainless Global serrated knife.

8. A serrated bread knife that cuts through the, well, you know

The careful weighting gives the perfect balance to cut neatly through those crispy crusts and can easily tackle thin buttermilk sandwich bread slices. One-piece stainless steel construction resist corrosion and the built-in dimples add a gripping surface for slippery hands. (While you’re at it, check out the rest of the line from Global Knives.)

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Global Serrated Bread Knife, $145 on Bloomingdales.com

A Challenger bread pan with lid.

9. A revolutionary bread pan for the bread revolution

There’s a new kid in Bake Town. Designed by bread bakers for bread bakers, it perfectly bakes your loaves, boules, and demi-baguettes. Its special design means forget those parchment cradles to nervously lower your dough into a blazingly hot Dutch oven. Bottom line: no more burned arms!

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Challenger Bread Pan, $295 from Challenger Breadware

The French Pantry 3 Piece Baking Gift Set all the pieces.

10. A sheet pan set for the baking set

This sheet pan set has it all. A commercial-grade half sheet pan that resists warping, a silicon mat, and a cooling rack. What more could you need except maybe a nice loaf of sourdough rye bread or a batch of cookies.

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The French Pantry Sheet Pan Set, $30 on Amazon.com

A wooden cooking utensil set.

11. Wooden utensils that go against the grain

With their good looks and beautiful graining, these eco-friendly wooden spoons are our preferred go-to for stirring together ingredients for a no-knead whole wheat loaf. They also go effortlessly from cooking to serving and are gentle on non-stick surfaces.

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Nayohose Wooden Utensils Set, $28 on Amazon.com

Le Creuset Loaf Pan

12. A loaf pan that’s anything but lazy

No monkey business here. Cool handles and easy release make this loaf pan de rigueur for a loaf of buttery, caramel-coated monkey bread.

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Loaf Pan, $26 from Le Creuset

A baguette cloche with two unbaked baguettes inside.

13. A baguette cloche (aka bread pashmina)

This thick cotton proofing cloth supports your Pane Francese, giving them a comfy place to do their final rise. A light dusting with flour and they’re ready to shape your loaves with style. And they fold up like a kitchen towel when not in use so they don’t take up precious cabinet space.

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Walfos Baguette Cloche, $24 on Amazon.com

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About Beth Price

Beth has been a foodie since before the term was coined. While friends went to Paris and came back with suitcases of clothes, she came back laden with a mandoline and copper cookware from E. Dehillerin. Today she’s the Director of Recipe Testing for Leite’s Culinaria. She’s also assisted cookbook author Nathalie Dupree with recipe testing and helped edit her newest cookbook. Beth divides her time between Charleston, South Carolina, and Grand Cayman.

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  1. Our son is venturing into bread making, and the Challenge Bread Pan looks like a formidable ally. And when he isn’t baking, he could always use it to develop his upper body strength through lifting or curling exercises. Perhaps that is the challenge in Challenge.

      1. Truly, if I had the storage space, I would very seriously consider it. In a pre-COVID reminiscence, one of our favorite restaurants has a signature bread that they bake in cast iron skillets and it is otherwordly-delicious, richly flavored. So bread-making is on the list!

        1. Nice! In our in Manhattan apartment, The One and I have limited storage space. We use our cast iron for bread and pizza. That iron really retains the heat. Love to hear this.