18 of Our Best Roast Pork Recipes

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Roast pork. If you just let out a sigh or went wobbly in the knees at the very mention of those words, you’re our kinda home cook. And while we all know there’s great satisfaction to be had in recreating that seductively succulent pork roast that mom or grandma used to make every Sunday night, there’s a lot more latitude in roast pork dishes these days. So much so that you can satisfy just about any craving without having to repeat the same old recipe night after night. Consider effortless baked bacon. Fall-apart baby-back ribs made without standing in the snow at the smoker. A quick and easy skillet pork chop dinner solution for weeknights. Obscenely rich Chinese roast pork belly. Or something a little unexpected like chorizo meatballs. Or, well, you get the idea.

We’ve got a recipe that’ll more than satisfy everyone at the table. We anticipate your only complaint is not being able to decide which to try tonight.--Renee Schettler Rossi


  1. These all sound very good. As I am partial to real Hungarian paprika and go to the trouble to get it, I will try the two recipes with paprika first. I have found that my roasting skills have been enhanced by using a probe thermometer, and I especially like Thermoworks Dot, which is reliable and comes in happy colors. (The only caveat is read the directions and pay attention to the fact that when you are done, you have to turn it off. It does not go off automatically.) I often give it as a present, and it is always well received. (I am so enamored with it that I have begun to reverse sear the steaks I cook inside as well as double-loin lamb chops.)

    1. Excellent suggestion and we appreciate the brand recommendation, Victoria! We so appreciate you taking the time to share your advice. Looking forward to hearing what you think of the recipes…

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