Fried Egg Sandwich

A fried egg sandwich is so incredibly easy. Sorta like a grilled cheese sandwich with an oozy egg tucked inside. Makes the best breakfast, lunch, supper, or midnight nosh.

A fried egg sandwich cut in half on a white and blue plate with the knife resting in front.

If you can fry an egg, you already know how to make a fried egg sandwich. It’s essentially a grilled cheese sandwich with an oozy egg smooshed inside. Its simplicity makes it easy to make as well as comforting as heck and chances are you’ve got the ingredients for it in your kitchen at this very moment. As the authors explain, it’s “the kind of midnight food we love. The kind of food that will make you close your eyes and exhale a hot cheesy jumble that sounds like ‘Oh my gah so freakin’ good.” Originally published June 12, 2013.Renee Schettler Rossi

Best Fried Egg Sandwich Ideas

Man does not live by bread and cheese and egg alone. So if you find yourself craving a little something extra and considering slipping an extra ingredient in between those cheesy slices of sourdough, we say trust your instincts. In case you could use some inspiration, start here…

A slice or three of sliced ham
A slice or two of avocado
A fistful of fried bacon
A slathering of mustard
An obscene amount of mayo

As for the amount of cheese you choose to use, yes, the recipe seems to suggest you err on the side of excess. But that’s between you and your scale. We’re staying out of it.

Fried Egg Sandwich

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Preheat the broiler.

Divvy the cheese between the slices of bread and place them on a baking sheet, cheese-side up. (And yes, 8 slices of cheese is a lot but it’s also obscenely good. How much you use is between you and your scale.) Slide the baking sheet under the broiler and keep watch until the cheese melts, which will probably be a matter of seconds and not minutes.

Heat about a teaspoon olive oil or butter in a skillet over medium-high heat. After about 20 seconds, crack the egg into the skillet. Reduce the heat to medium and let the egg sit until the white sets completely. Sprinkle with salt and pepper.

Remove the melted cheese toasts from the broiler and slide onto a plate. Using a spatula, place the egg, sunny-side up, on a slice of cheesy toast. Top with bacon or ham, if desired, then top with the other cheese toast, cheese side down. Eat immediately, employing the hot sauce as desired, or return the sandwich to the skillet, adding more oil or butter if needed, and cook it as you would a grilled cheese sandwich until the bread is golden and crunchy, flipping the sandwich once. Then eat immediately.

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Recipe Testers' Reviews

Yes, you will say “Oh my gah, so freakin’ good!” when you eat this fried egg sandwich. I think it has healing properties. It’s midnight food but it’s also food you eat when the world is too loud and too bright. My pan needed about a minute to heat, but you know your stove better than anyone. When you slide your egg with its still-quivering yolk onto one of the burnished cheese toasts, let a little of that olive oil dribble over the top, too. If your constitution demands it, season liberally with salt, pepper, and hot sauce. Now turn off the TV or the radio, put the laptop or tablet aside, and sink into this sandwich. It’s what you need. Oh my gah, so freakin’ good!

Outstanding! Thick bread, bold cheese, and runny egg. I am in love with this fried egg sandwich and it’s ridiculously easy. I was skeptical about not toasting the bread, and I thought, “Well, this runny egg is going to make it a sloppy, wet mess.” But I pushed forth and despite my fears, the thick bread reigned supreme in structural prowess. Here is my new routine: wake up, take the dog on a super long walk (energy expenditure), come home, make this sandwich, eat (energy replenished). So good.


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  1. This is my first recipe review ever because this sandwich turned out so amazing! I added avocado and tomato and an extra egg because they were small. It was perfectly buttery, crunchy yet chewy, and all the flavors blended so perfectly. My husband also said it was the best egg sandwich he’s ever had and said he could sell it lol. Very grateful to have stumbled upon this recipe!

    1. Thanks, Helen! We’re delighted that you tried it, loved it, AND took the time to let us know!

  2. This looks absolutely amazing. Planning on trying out this recipe in the next couple of days, and I already have all the ingredients at home! So simple!

  3. One look at this picture & I had to make one for dinner. Mine was on whole wheat bread with Muenster, but so delicious. Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. I love to melt Cheddar on bread under the broiler & eat as is, and I love a good fried egg sandwich, so this one is perfect for me. My preference is to break the yolk, use plenty of salt, pepper & cook it quickly til just set. I decided to use sweet french bread, slightly toasted on one side under the broiler, before adding the cheese, then my just cooked egg(s) & a smearing of salsa verde! Yum!

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